In the ever-evolving landscape of international cricket, a behind-the-scenes revelation has surfaced regarding the 2025 Champions Trophy. While teams that fell short of the World Cup semi-finals, including England, vie for a coveted top-eight finish, there’s a twist in the tournament’s format that has yet to be officially unveiled.

Despite the agreement reached by cricket boards in late 2021, discreetly kept under wraps by the International Cricket Council, sources hint at Disney Star’s aspirations for a significant shift. As the television rights holders for global events in India, they are allegedly pushing for the 2025 Champions Trophy to embrace the allure of Twenty20 cricket, deviating from the traditional one-day international format.

The rationale behind this potential transformation lies in catering to contemporary audience preferences. In an era where cricket enthusiasts yearn for the thrill of the shortest format, the proposed shift to Twenty20 matches could inject a new dynamism into the tournament. This strategic move aligns with the upcoming T20I World Cup slated for the Caribbean and USA next June.

The geographical challenge of time differences, particularly for the subcontinent, prompts considerations for a change in scheduling. While day games are anticipated for the T20I World Cup, the late finish in the subcontinent remains a concern.

Converting the 2025 Champions Trophy to a Twenty20 spectacle could bridge this gap, ensuring a more viewer-friendly experience and potentially elevating the tournament’s global appeal.

As discussions unfold behind closed doors, cricket enthusiasts await official confirmation on whether the 2025 Champions Trophy will embrace the electrifying pace of Twenty20 cricket, marking a paradigm shift in the landscape of international cricket tournaments.


By Ritik Sharma

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