In a year marked by stellar performances and memorable cricketing moments, Cricketkeeda’s keen eye for talent has brought forth the top cricketers who shone across all three formats in men’s and women’s cricket in 2023.

These players, selected based on a comprehensive evaluation of their statistics, athleticism, and consistency, stand as the epitome of excellence in the cricketing world.

Men’s Cricket:

ODI – Shubman Gill:

The dynamic young batsman, Shubman Gill, emerged as a standout performer in the One Day Internationals (ODIs) of 2023. His ability to anchor the innings and play impactful knocks made him an invaluable asset for the team. Gill’s impressive run-scoring spree and consistency earned him a well-deserved spot as the top performer in the ODI format.

T20I – Suryakumar Yadav:

Suryakumar Yadav’s explosive batting and versatility in the T20I International arena made him a force to be reckoned with. Whether it was chasing a target or setting one, Yadav’s aggressive yet composed style left a lasting impact. His stellar performances earned him the coveted spot as the premier T20I cricketer of the year.

Test – Usman Khawaja:

In the traditional format of the game, Usman Khawaja stood tall as a beacon of stability and resilience. His exceptional skills as a Test batsman were on full display, with Khawaja consistently contributing crucial runs for his team. The cricketing fraternity acknowledged his prowess, making him the standout player in Test cricket for 2023.

Cricketkeeda Sports T20I team of the year 2023

Women’s Cricket:

T20I – Hayley Matthews:

Hayley Matthews showcased her all-round brilliance in the T20I format, leaving an indelible mark in women’s cricket. Her powerful batting, combined with adept bowling skills, made her an integral part of T20I matches. Matthews’ impactful performances earned her the distinction of being the top T20I player in the women’s category.

ODI – Phoebe Litchfield:

Phoebe Litchfield’s elegant and effective batting style made her a standout performer in the One Day Internationals. Litchfield’s ability to construct innings and play match-winning knocks solidified her position as the premier ODI cricketer among women in 2023.

Cricketkeeda Sports Test team of the year 2023

Test – Sophie Ecclestone:

In the longer format of the game, Sophie Ecclestone’s spin wizardry and unwavering consistency set her apart. Ecclestone’s ability to take crucial wickets and control the game in Test matches made her the standout player in women’s Test cricket for the year.

In the amalgamation of skill, dedication, and sheer brilliance, these cricketers etched their names in the annals of 2023 as the top performers, showcasing the global appeal and excellence of the sport.

By Ritik Sharma

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