With a hope of enthusiastic year for sports, India is set to host a series of exciting and prestigious events throughout the year 2024.

Kicking off the sporting extravaganza is the Women’s Hockey Olympic Qualifier scheduled from 13th to 19th January. As teams vie for a coveted spot in the Olympics, the event promises intense competition and a showcase of exceptional skill in this exhilarating sport.

Moving on to the realm of racquet sports, the Rachi India Open Badminton will unfold in Delhi from 16th to 21st January. Badminton enthusiasts can anticipate a week of thrilling rallies and strategic play as top players from around the world converge to compete for glory.

January doesn’t stop there; the World Table Tennis Star Contender will take center stage in Goa from 23rd to 28th, attracting table tennis aficionados to witness fast-paced rallies and unmatched precision on the table.

February continues the sporting spectacle with the Women’s Pro Hockey League and Men’s Hockey League matches in Bhavneshwar from 3rd to 18th and 10th to 25th, respectively. The hockey fever will grip the city as teams battle it out for supremacy in these high-stakes competitions.

In April, attention turns to athletics with the SAIF Junior Athletics Championship scheduled from 12th to 14th in Chennai. The event provides a platform for young and promising athletes to showcase their talents on a national stage.

June sees the convergence of young minds at the World Junior Under-20 Chess Championship in Delhi from 1st to 14th. Chess enthusiasts can witness the strategic brilliance of young prodigies from across the globe.

Top sporting events dates commencing in 2024

As the year progresses, motorsport enthusiasts can mark their calendars for the Moto GP in Greater Noida from 20th to 22nd September. The roaring engines and high-speed maneuvers will captivate audiences, making it a must-attend event.

The sporting calendar concludes with the SAIF Senior Athletics Championship in Ranchi from 4th to 6th October, ensuring that the year 2024 leaves an indelible mark on India’s sports landscape. Get ready for a thrilling year filled with passion, skill, and unforgettable moments in the world of sports.

Famous tournaments that taking place in India :-

13-19 January ~ Women’s Hockey Olympic Qualifier

16-21 January ~ Rachi India Open Badminton in Delhi

23-28 January ~ World Table Tennis Star Contender in Goa

3-18 February ~ Women’s Pro Hockey  League match in Bhuvneshwar

10-25 February ~ Men’s Hockey League match in Bhuvneshwar

12-14 April ~ SAIF Junior Athletics Championship in Chennai

1-14 June ~ World Junior Under-20 Chess Championship in Delhi

20-22 September ~ Moto GP in Greater Noida

4-6 October ~ SAIF Senior Athletics  Championship in Ranchi


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