The bio-bubble has become an integral part of the players life ever since the action came to the cricket field after covid-19 took over the world. The long stays in the bio-bubble has been affecting the player’s mental health and hampering their performance as well.

The game of cricket is all set to move out of the bio-bubble system and will follow the Premier League type of model. The issues related to bio-bubble system were discussed at the International Cricket Council Chief Executives committee meeting which was held on Friday and the member decided that the bio-bubble model was not sustainable.

Bio-Bubble in  Cricket
Cricket sustained in COVID-19 Pandemic only due to the highly secured bio-bubble within the Camps

According to the sources, a Premier League type of model where there is no bio-bubble but all stakeholders get tested at regular basis is the likely way forward to it. A source said,” In the Premier League, they do not even send the close contacts to isolation. Only those who test positive , go into the Quarantine”.

Bio-Bubble in Cricket has taken the Mental Health of Cricketers a huge Toll

The life in the bio-bubble has been harming the mental health of the players especially for the players with an overload fixtures across all the formats of the game. The Indian team players and the support staff left for England on 2nd June for the world test Championship final 2021 and in the second week of the September month after the postponement of the fifth test versus England at Old Trafford the majority of the players went straight into the bio-bubble of the the IPL before moving into the ICC men’s T20 World Cup 2021.

“When you are 6 months in a bubble there are a lot of players who play all three formats of the game.  In the last 24 months they have been home for 25 days. I do not care who you are, if your name is Bradman ,if you are in a Bio-bubble as well your average will come down because you are human. But Sooner Or Later the bio bubble will burst. So you have got to be careful”, Ravi Shastri said in his final interview as the head coach of the Indian cricket team.

Bio-Bubble in Cricket
Bio-Bubble in Cricket took a lot of mental toll on the Cricketers at all levels forcing them to take indefinite breaks from the game

Last year, England World Cup winning captain Eoin Morgan indicated about the players opting out of the series and tours due to the strain of bio-bubble. ” We have spoken about this as a team and we have expected that guys will come in and out of the bio-bubble if feel it is affecting their mental health”.

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The International Cricket Council has not yet decided the time frame to change the bio-bubble system and look forward to the Premier League type of model.

Bio-Bubble in  Cricket
Recently, Virat Kohli echoed his views on the Mental Health Issues due to the Bio-Bubbl forced restrictions

“It’s repetitive, it’s not as tough when the group of guys is amazing, which we have. Everyone part of that bio-bubble is really nice, the vibe has been so good this season. That’s precisely why we’ve enjoyed playing together, just enjoyed our time in the bio-bubble as well, but it does get difficult at times because it is repetitive,”  Virat Kohli said in between the IPL 2021 .

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“These things will have to be considered like what length of the tournament and series one is going to play and what impact the players are going to have mentally of staying in a similar environment for 80 days and not getting to do anything different or have space to just go and see family or small things like that. These things have to be seriously thought about. At the end of the day, you want the players to be in the best state mentally and physically. I think mentally, it can be taxing if this continues for this longer period at a very consistent rate,” he futher added in  his video posted on Twitter.

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