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Team AZS BUBOSLAVIA from Poland emerged as the winner of the Team of Four Gold

Team Standard Plus from India won the Team of Four Silver

Boye Brogeland and Christian Bakke from Norway won the Open Pairs Gold event

The pair of Binod Kumar Shaw and Sanjit Dey won the IMP event

New Delhi, 5th November 2023: HCL, a leading global conglomerate, announced the winners of its 20th International Bridge Championship today. Over the course of seven days, this championship attracted the participation of more than 800 players hailing from diverse age groups worldwide. They competed for the prize purse of INR 2.6 Crore, which is the highest worldwide. Among the participants were the youngest contenders, Adhiyaman Zodypache (11 years old) and Agilan Zodypache (8 years old), two brothers from Puducherry. The winners and runners-up were felicitated by Mrs. Kiran Nadar, an internationally acclaimed Bridge player.

Mrs. Kiran Nadar, Director HCL Corporation and Chairperson of the organizing committee of HCL International Bridge championship said, “HCL’s journey in organizing Bridge championship began two decades ago with 35 teams, and today, we proudly stand at 145 teams. Over the years, we’ve witnessed a consistent rise in foreign participation. The valuable experience of competing alongside international teams in this tournament will undoubtedly contribute to the honing of Indian players’ skills.”

Boye Brogeland and Christian Bakke from Norway said, “This was our first time at the HCL International Bridge Championship, and we were really impressed with the hospitality, organization and level of play. It is most definitely one of the greatest tournaments in the world. We will be back next year!”

Winners and Runners-up at the 20th HCL International Bridge Championship are:


Winner (Team Details and Prize money)

1st Runner-up (Team Details and Prize money)

Naresh Tandan Trophy for Team of Four Gold


Formidables from India

Mohini Tandan Trophy for Team of Four Silver

Standard Plus from India

Shiv Shakti from India

Neena Bonarji Trophy for Open Pairs – Gold event

Boye Brogeland and Christian Bakke from Norway

Julian Stefanov and Vladmir Mihov from Bulgaria.

Open Pairs – Silver event

Mukund Jagganathan and Gautam Biswas from India

R G Bhivandkar and Subash Dhakras from India

IMP Pairs

Binod Kumar Shaw and Sanjit Dey from India

Mithun Mukherjee and Soumya Das from India

The Naresh Tandan Trophy for the Team of Four Gold event was won by team AZS Buboslavia (Kamil Nowak, Piotr Marcinowski, Jakub Patreuha, and Patryk Patreuha). They beat Team FORMIDABLES (Kiran Nadar, Bachiraju Satyanarayana, Rajeshwar Tewari, Sumit Mukherjee, Kaustabh Nandi, and Sagnik Roy) by 112.5-96 IMPs in the 56-boards final.

The Mohini Tandan Trophy for Team of Four Silver event was won by Team Standard Plus comprising of Sukumaran Rajeev, Sahirudeen, Asok Jose Lean, Ranga Khadloya, Nizamudeen Shahul Hamid, and Franz Mundaden. They beat Shiv Shakti by 98-74. The Runner up team Shiv Shakti was represented by Gautam Chatterjee, Sanjib Bhattacharjee, Sanjib Ganguly, Prabir Kumar Thakur, Manoj Kumar Dey, and Tapan Kr Bhattacharya.

A one-day ProAm event was introduced, giving opportunity to amateur bridge players to play with seasoned professionals.

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