After reading this article you will have a decent understanding of the cryptocurrency flow on the betting platform, their advantages over the regular and classic payment methods. Moreover, we will provide a brief overview of the 10cric platform and its main advantages in the local market.

Cryptocurrency betting

Nowadays, cryptocurrencies are a regular part of our lives, they are widely used for different purposes. The main benefits of the cryptocurrencies are their security and ability to remain invisible during the transactions. Another decent advantage is the speed of the transfers. At the current stage, cryptocurrencies are used at the betting and gambling platforms as well. This is due to the speed of their transfers and security of the money. The most popular cryptocurrencies that are widely used on the betting market are bitcoin and ethereum. The main advantages of the crypto payment methods over the classic ones are the following:

  • Safety – cryptocurrencies are being transferred via blockchain technology which has an outstanding level of encryption. It is impossible to hack crypto transfers and steal the money on their way. As it is used in order to transfer money from the player to the platform and in opposite. Crypto is a decent way of performing safe transfers;
  • Transfer speed – cryptocurrencies ensure an outstanding speed of the transfers, they are displayed on the account in just a few seconds. The system is set up so well that it takes just a few seconds for the payment to appear;
  • Invisibility – cryptocurrencies allow its users to remain anonymous in terms of the financial payments. You may deposit to the platform from your personal account to the platform and withdraw money in this way. It is good for the players with a decent cash flow.

These are the main benefits and advantages of the cryptocurrencies on the betting market. Crypto payment methods are widely spread between all caregivers of the players due to their significant advantages over the classic payment methods.

10cric platform overview

The current stage of the market development of the betting sphere has led to the stage where a lot of different platforms are competing with each other. There are new platforms and the old ones. The trustworthy ones are the main rulers of the market. They create trends and hold the large numbers of the players. 10cric platform has proven itself as one of the most trustworthy companies on the local betting market. Providing excellent services towards the customers for many years straight 10cric company has obtained a flawless reputation in the eyes of the players. The main advantages of the 10cric platform are as follows:

  • The 10cric platform offers a really decent amount of the events for the betting. There are many types of the sports and events included into the betting line of the company. Both small and large tournaments are a part of the betting portfolio. The wide range of sports gives an opportunity for the sports fans to have and experience really good time betting;
  • Another decent advantage of the 10cric platform is the full legality of the company. The 10cric works in accordance with the local and global regulations in the field of betting. This allows the company to be transparent to the players and act rightfully and legally. Players really enjoy the attitude of the platform towards the clients;
  • The 10 cric app is designed in accordance with the latest technical trends of the betting market. This allows the company to create a lot of the betting events in the portfolio of the company. Additionally, the 10cric app allows players to join betting sessions from almost any place of the world and take over the whole betting market. Moreover, the design of the application is created in order to establish successful search of the matches and events, for faster navigation.

There are many more advantages of the 10cric platform over its main local competitors. You will have a chance to decide, which of them are the most important for you. But, personally, for us, the most important thing is the attitude towards the players and the customers of the 10cric platform.

10cric app installation guide

In order to experience mobile betting activities, you have a chance to install the mobile application of the 10cric platform. This will allow you to make bets almost in any place of the world. You will just need a stable internet connection and your mobile phone with a decent amount of charge. The installation process is very easy, even new users are capable of installing the 10cric application in a few minutes. The detailed guide on how to 10 cric download is below:

  1. First of all, you need to visit the official website of the platform. Please find the 10 cric app download button and click on it. This will transfer you to the main installation page;
  2. On the main installation page you will see available operating systems of the application. You have to choose one option that suits you;
  3. Once you click the 10cric app download button, the downloading process will commence. It takes around 2 minutes to download the files of the application with a poor internet connection. With the decent internet speed you would be able to download the application in a few seconds;
  4. After the files are loaded on your device. If you have an Android device, you will need to start the 10cric apk file installation manually. If you have an iOS device, it will install automatically;
  5. Once the application is installed on your phone, you may see the icon of the application on the home screen of your phone.

Congratulations, you have installed the 10cric app on your mobile device. You may use it in full.

10cric registration guide

In order to register a new account at the 10cric platform, you need to follow the guide that would be located in this section of the article. The registration process is way easier than the process of the 10cric download of the application, so you will manage to do this in just a few minutes. The detailed 10cric registration guide is below:

  1. In order to register a new account at the 10cric platform, please click the register button at the main screen of the application;
  2. The action above will transfer you to the registration page, where you should fill all necessary fields with the required information;
  3. Once you fill the necessary fields, please continue the registration process. Now, you will need to confirm the security code;
  4. The security code would be sent to your mobile phone via SMS message. There would be letters and figures listed. Carefully remember or copy them and write them down into the field that is called security code;
  5. After the application tells you that the security check is passed, the registration process will be over;
  6. You may now customize your profile as you wish and start the betting activities.

Just one more thing, there are different bonus programmes and promo actions. You may check them for valuable prepositions before depositing money on your account. The list of the active promos would be listed in the promo section. There could even be the bonus for the crypto deposit.

10cric platform support team

The platform has established a very experienced support team that works in a 24 by 7 regime. Their goal is to establish successful work of the application and platform. Moreover, they will resolve any problem that you may experience during the betting process. You may contact them as follows:

  • Via email – support@10cric.com;
  • Via phone call – +913371279179;
  • Via live chat – available 24 by 7 in the mobile application.

Frequently asked questions

In this section, we will answer the most popular questions of the players regarding the 10cric platform and its main features. Please find the Q & A section below:

Question Answer
Is there an opportunity to deposit bitcoins on my personal account at 10cric? Yes, there are a lot of different crypto deposit opportunities at 10cric platform. Bitcoin is also included into this list. You are free to deposit your account with any listed cryptocurrency.
What is the minimum required age to join the 10cric platform? The minimum required age is 18 years. Players below this age are restricted from playing at the platform.
Is it safe to play on the 10cric platform? Yes, this is absolutely safe to play and bet at the 10cric platform. The platform is a fully legal service provider with a proving betting license.
How fast can I withdraw money from my account at 10cric? The withdrawal process may take different amount of time, this mostly depends on the payment method specified. For example, crypto currency withdrawal will take only a few minutes for money to be displayed on your wallet.
Is the 10cric platform secure? Yes. The firewall of the platform is on a decent level. It is almost impossible to break through it and hack the platform.



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