Features of skill-based games, reasons for developing innovative entertainment, Lotus365 user preferences, prospects for the format in India.

The Rise of Skill-Based Slot Machines Lotus365: Blurring the Lines Between Gaming and Gambling

Experienced users of Lotus365 online know that success in gambling depends largely on luck. The mechanisms of almost all popular games work on the basis of algorithms of provable honesty, where random number generators are responsible for the issuance of results. But in recent years, more and more online casino sites have started to add new activity formats to their catalogues. In this article, we will look at how slots work, which require not only luck but also skill to play.

Prerequisites for Transformation

The audience of projects such as Lotus365 is becoming more and more selective when choosing activities. Now the user is not interested in just standard slot machines with reels. He prefers to choose activities with non-standard gameplay and a variety of functionality that will help him gain new experience and get a unique experience from the process. In gambling there are their own rules and algorithms, having solved which, users maximise the chances of winning by using flexible and effective strategies. Therefore, game developers try to develop the activities they offer, including the importance of having the skills to win.

Traditionally, the outcome of most of the entertainment in the Lotus 365 catalogue was determined by trivial chance. The user read winning as a certain amount of luck. But with the advent of skill-based games, they offer audiences a completely different participation environment that goes beyond the paradigm they are used to and gives them the opportunity to directly influence the outcome through a certain level of skill and ability to make the right decisions.

Examples of Slots in the Lotus365 India Catalogue

As part of our Lotus365 review, we will partially touch on the general principles of skill-based slots and take a look at how this innovative format for gambling works and why it is so appealing to a younger audience. One of the first companies to try and implement this technology was Synergy Blue. The provider conducted a global study that involved the teams of over 100 online casinos, where they talked about the key priorities, challenging moments and user requests for the upcoming transformation of the gaming industry. One of the most promising areas identified was the ability to create activities that require the audience to think in depth and have a specific skill set to progress through gameplay, rather than simple chaotic actions. Such games, as a rule, work on the principle of arcades and really capture the attention of users.

The main changes, according to Lotus365 gambling experts, should affect the very principle of interaction with the slot. The providers plan to integrate the best elements from modern video games into them, thus ensuring a higher level of involvement in the gaming process. The popularity of cybersports among young users shows that this format may also be of interest to them, as simply clicking on a button while waiting for the result.


Now the slots in the Lotus365 India catalogue are gradually moving away from the variation with classic reels. They integrate elements of shooters, card games, racing and puzzles. In many ways, they resemble the gaming hits on Nintendo, Atari and Xbox consoles. Skill-based slots come in a variety of styles and variations – multiplayer arcade competitions, games with responsive touchscreen or joystick interfaces, and a host of other variations. One of the most successful examples is the Danger Arena activity presented by provider GameCo, which is a simple arcade game that requires users to use a controller to progress through.

Also popular with Lotus365 login owners are such well-known hits as Pac Man from Scientific Games, Frogger from Konami, Pharoh’s Secret Temple and Nothin’ But Net from GameCo.

The palm of leadership in the field of innovative slots has been taken over by Next Gaming, which owns some of the most relevant and popular activities of this format, utilising the expertise of video game developers Atari and Taito.

The Future of the Format

Basically, providers offering activities for Lotus365, pursue two goals – to increase profits and increase user involvement in the process. Demographically, the most active audience of sites and projects for gambling is the so-called adult player, who is close to classic variations of games. But at the same time the coverage of young users is falling rapidly, as the project teams can not offer them activities that match their interests. Adding Lotus 365 to the catalogue would help the team solve this problem and earn even more from the influx of new audiences. Meanwhile, any problems for traditional formats would also be minimised, with each user simply choosing the entertainment option that suits them.

It does not matter on what principle a slot in the Lotus365 India catalogue is programmed. An important condition for its use should be house edge, in which the user seeks to beat his own score, relying on a certain factor – skill and luck.

The Lotus365 gambling team is now confident that the integration of skill-based slots will significantly increase user engagement by creating a competitive effect. Participants in the process will strive to outdo each other and break records in order to make more profits, while utilising proven strategies and experience.

Another important factor in the integration of skill-based slots is the fun factor, where the user gets a better experience from the gameplay itself. But with this comes the issue of Lotus365’s regulation, as according to the licence, the developers must provide evidence-based honesty and transparency in the calculation of results. Obviously, this issue is yet to be resolved by the project team. But for now, skill-based slots are one of the most promising and expected formats.

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