The T20I World Cup 2022 ended with England becoming the champions. In the final match played in Melbourne on Sunday, the England team led by Jos Buttler defeated Babar Azam’s Pakistan by 5 wickets to become champions for the second time.

After this victory of England, this team was given a huge amount as a reward, while the runners-up Pakistan also became rich. Not only this, this time the ICC had announced that all the teams participating in this World Cup would be rewarded and it happened.

Let us know which country got how much prize money after the tournament is over.

India ranked third with prize money of 4.50 crores -:

England’s team was the champion of this season and got a total prize of Rs 13.84 crore, while Pakistan team got Rs 7.40 crore and came second (runner-up).

The Indian team received an amount of 4.50 crores as prize money and was at number three, while New Zealand’s team came fourth with the amount of 4.19 crores. In this season, the team of India, Pakistan, New Zealand and England reached the semi-finals, out of which the team of Pakistan and England reached the final and the English team was the winner.

Surprisingly, the team of Netherlands got more money than Australia in the form of prize and that amount was 1.85 crores, while the Sri Lankan team also got the same amount.

Australia and Ireland team got Rs 1.53 crore while South Africa and Bangladesh team got Rs 1.20 crore from ICC. The West Indies team, who were two-time T20I champions, got Rs 64.60 crore as a reward. Zimbabwe team got Rs 88.50 crore while Afghanistan team got Rs 56.35 lakh.

By Ritik Sharma

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