The Lord’s Cricket Ground was established in 1814 and is located at St. John Wood in London. The Lord’s Cricket Ground is known as ‘Mecca of Cricket ‘. Lord’s Cricket Ground has a rich culture and heritage. Majority of the players and fans would choose Lord’s as their favorite ground to play or watch cricket over their home ground. Every cricket fan’s bucket list includes watching a test match at Lord’s stadium. The Lord’s Cricket Ground is owned by Marylebone Cricket Club. The Lord’s is the home ground for Middlesex County side. Till 2005, it was the headquarters for International Cricket Council but later it shifted to Dubai.

This History Of Lord’s Cricket Ground

The Lord’s Cricket Ground is more than 200 years old. It has the seating capacity of about 28000. The iconic Cricket stadium has hosted 141 test matches till now.It also witnessed the historic 2000th test match between England and India in 2011.

Lord's Cricket Ground
The pavilion view of the most beautiful cricket ground in the World

The Lord’s Cricket Ground has a honors board which every player dream to have their name on that. A player who takes 5 wickets or scores a century gets his name on the iconic honors board. There are total 3 honors board at the Lord’s Cricket Ground- one for home team, one for visiting team and one is used when Lord’s Cricket Ground is used as neutral venue.

Slope is probably the most used word by commentators whenever the Lord’s cricket ground hosts a Test Match. The stadium is actually tilted on one side a little bit which makes a lot of significance. The slope is from north end of the ground to the south end of the ground. The difference in depth is 2.5 metres. The outfield is pretty quick on one side of the ground as the ball runs down the slope and the bowlers will get some natural movement off the turf. Also, it will account to some variable bounce which results in the bowler’s favour.

Lord's Cricket Ground
Cricket Matches can be watched from different angles here

Lord’s Cricket Ground had always been the Legend’s Den

Don Bradman who scored 254 runs on the Lord’s Cricket Ground in 1930, a ground record which held for 60 years until England’s Graham Gooch scored 333 runs against India in 1990. Glen McGrath also holds the record for most wickets(26) taken on the ground by a non-English player.

The first at the Lord’s Cricket Ground was played between England and Australia in 1884. England thrashed Australia by an inning and 5 runs . Australia registered their first win at the Lord’s Cricket Ground in 1888.

The ‘Mecca Of Cricket’ is also the world’s oldest sporting museum . MCC Museum contains the most celebrated collection of cricketing memories including The Ashes which is kept there permanently. A stuffed sparrow is also on display; memoranda as the unlucky ‘bowled out’ victim of a deadly beamer delivery from Jahangir Khan of Cambridge University during a match in 1936.

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 While Lord’s is almost exclusively a cricketing venue, it also houses a full-length tennis court and during World War I, featured a charity baseball match between an American and Canadian team. The Archery event of the 2012 Summer Olympics was also held on the hallowed ground. The archers stood in front of the Pavilion, at the Allen Stand end with their targets lined up in front of the Grand Stand.

The so called ‘Mecca Of Cricket’  is located on the Centre of the main London city so it becomes easy task for the spectators to reach.

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Here’s the name of all the stands at the Lord’s Cricket Ground

  • Warner Stand
  • Grandstand
  • Compton Stand (pre–2020)
  • Edrich Stand (pre–2020)
  • Mound Stand (left)
  • Tavern Stand
  • Allen Stand (right) (formerly Q Stand)

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