Before the Internet, individuals plying two trades had to be physically present at the workplace. Not only that, the second job may have required a different skill set than the first. Circumstances such as these would have no doubt complicated the efforts to have two incomes, as it is the main reason people take on additional work. Thanks to the world wide web, working from the comfort of your dwelling is now possible. It can be a source of income that lets you work on weekends or when you are not occupied with your primary job. Or, if it is showing signs of potential, you can make it your primary line of work. While you figure things out, a tiny but handy driver of income would be to line up some games that let you predict and win free money. It’s a fairly straightforward endeavor; all it requires of you is to make educated guesses on the outcomes of future events. And if you get the answer right, you get to take home some real money.

Listed here is an assortment of ways earning income by online means can be an attainable objective.

1. Freelancing:

In a nutshell, freelancing is all about working for yourself on a project-by-project basis. This article in Business News Daily explains how to approach a freelancing career and its pros and cons so you may make an informed decision. The steps to becoming a full-fledged freelancer are determining an unsaturated niche and having a strong portfolio to gain the client’s trust. Outlining a pricing structure that balances earning sufficient revenue and aligning with the client’s budget is also required.

2. Launch A Podcast:

Apart from needing to invest in some essential tools and equipment, launching a podcast is a relatively easy and affordable endeavor. Podcasts are audio files listeners can either stream or download on their computer or mobile device to enjoy later. They resemble radio shows, except that listeners have more control over the content they take in. To narrow down your podcast topic, ask yourself what you are passionate about. Climate change, product reviews, tech, travel, the paranormal, or even true crime are evergreen topics. The main advantages of podcasting are little or no overheads, wide audience reach, and content that can be repurposed in plenty of ways. You can use services like Patreon to offer paid subscribers exclusive content.

3. Become A Vlogger:

The term vlog is a take-off on the word blog and is short for video log. Put simply, a vlog uses video as a medium to get across to the audience instead of written words, as is the case with blogs. Vloggers use video to connect with people on their chosen subject. This could mean recording road trips, product unboxing, how-to videos, or satire. Virtually any content can end up as subject matter for a vlog. YouTube is the go-to destination for vloggers, thanks to its popularity. The YouTube Partner Program and brand sponsorships are the two most common ways vloggers make money.

4. Create an App:

Though the mobile app market is saturated to a large degree, breaking into it means creating a truly stellar app. While people gravitate towards free apps, there is a market for paid products too. Erecting a paywall where you offer limited access to your application while charging a certain sum for total access is also a monetizing option. To begin your app creation journey, you will need pre-existing coding knowledge and membership in the developer program of either Apple or Google. Apple’s sign-on fee is stiffer than Google’s but grants you access to Apple’s entire ecosystem and devices. Both options provide access to their respective suite of development tools and payment systems.

Tips On Tools and Hardware For Earning Virtually:

1.Stock Up on Essential Hardware:

Any career path you choose requires the right set of hardware. To begin with, you would need a laptop with long battery life and a stable internet connection for when at home. Should you choose to hit the road with your laptop, in all probability, it will run out of battery at some point, and internet access may be patchy. For which a large capacity power bank and a mobile WiFi dongle should fit the bill. A sturdy backup hard drive, preferably SSD, for any space-hungry content you may have, is also a must.

2.Bookkeeping Tools:

When working solo, you’re responsible for everything, including bookkeeping and making sure you are invoicing all your customers. Tools that help you do that are necessary; otherwise, you would be swamped with an enormous amount of paperwork and unable to keep track of what you’re owed. Come tax season, you need to have a clear record of your income and expenses. Bookkeeping tools will help file you there and even file your taxes so you won’t be rushing to beat the deadline just as it looms large.

3.Utilize a Time Tracker Tool:

Time management is of the utmost importance when working as a freelancer, as no one is looking over your shoulder to ensure you hand in the work on time. While there are deadlines to meet, the discretion on when to take them up depends on you. As procrastination gets the better of even the most disciplined among us, time tracker tools will help you focus on the job. Extending the deadline will affect your chances of landing well-paying gigs. In contrast, good management will land you more lucrative jobs with fatter paychecks. The challenges in finding the appropriate way of generating revenue online lie in choosing your niche well and applying the required skillset. Before diving into it, you must evaluate the opportunities and challenges. Most importantly, Investing in periodic upskilling is a must to keep pace with industry trends. ​​

By Devansh Awasthi

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