On the very first day of the new year in Australia’s Big Bash League, there was a controversy over a catch. The match took place between Brisbane Heat and Sydney Sixers.

On the second ball of the 19th over, Jordan Silk of the Sixers team played a shot in the air towards extra cover. Where Michael Naser of the Heat team took an amazing catch in 3 attempts. Controversy has now started on this catch.

What is controversy?

Neser caught the ball inside the boundary and tossed the ball in the air. The ball went outside the boundary. Naser went outside the boundary and bounced in the air and brought the ball inside the ground. Then went back inside the boundary and completed the catch. The umpire gave Silk out and his team lost the match.

Cricket experts also got confused after this catch. Many experts said that once the fielder takes a catch after going outside the boundary, it should not be considered legal.

At the same time, many considered this catch as legal. In further news, we will know what the official ICC rule says on such catches. Along with this, we will also see another example of such a catch.

Watch Michael Naser’s catch ..

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What does the MCC rule say?

This type of catch is mentioned in rule number 19.5.2 of the Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC), which makes the rules of cricket for the International Cricket Council (ICC).

According to this, the fielder’s feet should be inside the boundary when first touching the ball while taking the catch. Then even while completing the catch, the fielder’s feet should be inside the boundary.

The fielder can go out of bounds between these two contacts with the ball. He can also throw the ball inside the ground by jumping in the air outside the boundary. But, cannot touch the ball while standing outside the boundary. By doing this the catch will not be considered complete and the batter will remain not out.

Why is Naser’s catch not against the rules?

Naser followed MCC rules while taking catches in the Big Bash. He was inside the boundary when he touched the ball for the first time and he was also inside the boundary when he completed the catch.

Meanwhile, he also went outside the boundary. But, standing there did not touch the ball. He jumped in the air and threw the ball inside the ground. That’s why his catch was considered complete and was declared silk out.



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