In the inaugural Test match between Australia and Pakistan on December 14 in Perth, the home side elected to bat after winning the toss. Marking his final Test series, the left-handed opener wasted no time in asserting his dominance, adopting his trademark aggressive style to accumulate runs.

Facing Pakistan’s relatively inexperienced pace attack, which included two debutants, the visitors struggled initially, and their fielding displayed signs of early clumsiness.

The anticipation was high for Shaheen Afridi to make an impact with the new ball, but the left-arm fast bowler faced challenges in finding the right areas, much to the disappointment of the fans.

David Warner capitalized on this, executing a brilliant and innovative shot in the 22nd over. Shaheen delivered a length ball angled into the left-hander, and Warner, showcasing his audacity, played a remarkable flap over long leg by positioning his body inside the line.

VIDEO: Warner hits six against Afridi in T20 shot

The shot, reminiscent of T20I-style aggression, sent the ball sailing comfortably into the stands with considerable pace. This unexpected move in the first session of a Test match left both fans and commentators astonished, highlighting Warner’s ability to inject excitement and innovation even in the traditional format of the game.

As the Test series unfolds, Warner’s assertive start has undoubtedly set the tone for an exciting cricketing battle between Australia and Pakistan, with both sides eager to make their mark in this crucial encounter.

By Ritik Sharma

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