Australian cricket star David Warner has issued a heartfelt plea for the return of his cherished baggy green cap, which mysteriously disappeared during a flight from Melbourne to Sydney ahead of his final Test match against Pakistan.

Warner, set to culminate his illustrious 12-year Test career, revealed the sentimental value of the missing cap in an Instagram post.

Expressing his desperation, Warner urged the unknown individual to come forward, assuring that no consequences would follow. In a generous gesture, he offered a spare backpack to the culprit, emphasizing the significance of having his beloved Baggy Green back in his possession for the upcoming match at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

The baggy green holds immense sentimental value for Australian cricketers, symbolizing their Test debut and worn with pride throughout their careers. Warner’s emotional plea echoes the attachment players have to this iconic symbol.

Notably, the baggy green cap worn by legendary cricketer Shane Warne fetched a staggering A$1,007,500 at auction in January 2020, underlining the deep reverence fans and players alike have for this piece of cricketing history.

As Warner prepares to bid adieu to Test cricket, the missing baggy green adds an unexpected twist to his farewell, turning the spotlight from the cricket pitch to the search for a piece of his cricketing legacy.

By Ritik Sharma

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