Virat Kohli is unarguably one of the biggest cricketing stars of all time. Thus, it is safe to say that he is one of the most popular Indian athletes. The batting maestro is currently representing the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024.

Recently, Star Sports released a special song for him called “Kohli Calling”. This song was sung by the popular Punjab-based artist Burrah. Not only was the song well-received by the fans, but Burrah was praised for it as well.
During an exclusive interview with Arvind Kalyana Krishnan, he spoke about his admiration for Kohli.

Further on, he drew light on how he ended up singing this song. Burrah stated that he was a big fan of Kohli, and he was manifesting something like this. The singer then expressed his happiness about being a part of this song, and appreciated the fact that the song was well received by the fans. In fact, he also mentioned the fact that he and Kohli come from the same place.

Virat Kohli and Burrah
Burrah singing Virat Kohli’s song


Below is the entire interview with Burrah:

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind “Kohli Calling” and how the collaboration with Star Sports came about?

Honestly speaking, I was manifesting something like this. I myself wanted to do something for Virat Kohli and the IPL because we come from the same place. Thus, when I suddenly got a call and got asked if I would like to be a part of this, I happily agreed to it. I love Kohli so much that I straight-up agreed, right from the demos. The sheer excitement of being a small part of that person’s huge legacy….I mean that was the driving factor.


How do you feel about the song’s reception among cricket fans and music enthusiasts?

The reception is very good, and I’m getting a lot of love from everyone. Even when I had performed live the people were chanting Kohli’s name. Even Star Sports have been promoting the song really well. Now I’m just waiting to hear it live in the stadium. Even my parents are now waiting and constantly looking at Star Sports and waiting when Kohli would come on the TV and when the song would play. So yeah, there’s a lot of excitement going around in my house

What message or emotions were you aiming to convey through “Kohli Calling”?

We come from small gullies, we come from small houses and we come from middle-class families and we’ve made everything on our own. We’ve come here through our own merit. It’s just the sheer determination, strength and willpower. I mean Kohli is playing on the field and showcasing his talent and here we as artists are showcasing our talent over here. The path to maintain composure and have the mental strength to perform on the biggest stage….. I think that was what we were trying to convey

What are your thoughts on Virat Kohli the cricketer?


He’s the fire man. He’s my favorite captain of all time. I mean right from my childhood I used to have a soft corner for MS Dhoni but as I grew up and after Kohli became the captain I had the feeling of “Haa ye apna bhai hai” (Yeah he’s my brother). Yeah he’s very clutch. I mean it’s a basketball term that people use but Kohli is clutch, he will pull through and prove everyone wrong. Besides, the people of Delhi are very upfront and blunt. They’re kinda loud and thus, they’re used to more criticism. Virat Kohli is that kind of a guy who will prove everyone wrong on the pitch. I mean he’s a no-nonsense guy, he isn’t amongst those who’ll come for interviews. He’ll directly go to the pitch and will answer his critics on the pitch.


By Arvind Krishnan

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