Former chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Ramiz Raja has once again raised the issue of the host country of the Asia Cup 2023.

Pakistan is to host the Asia Cup 2023, but there is a cloud of doubt because some time ago, BCCI Secretary Jay Shah made it clear that the Indian team will not go to Pakistan to participate in the tournament and will go if it will be organized outside Pakistan.

Furious with Shah’s statement, Ramiz Raja made it clear that if the Indian team refused to come to Pakistan, then the Pakistan team would not go to India for the ODI World Cup. Now once again Ramiz Raja has once again started a debate regarding the hosting of the Asia Cup. Raja recalled past incidents when teams refused to come to Pakistan due to security reasons.

ECB officials apologized –

Ramiz Raja urged the new management not to succumb to the demands of India setting a high standard in world cricket and show some leadership. Speaking to Duniya News, Raja said, ‘One positive thing during my time as chairman was that I provided leadership. If you remember, New Zealand had gone and we told them that what they had done was not right. England refused to come, we talked to him and then he played a series of 7 T20I Internationals instead of 5. ECB staff visited the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, he came to my office and apologized, this his is how Australia traveled.’

Raja further said, ‘What is leadership? What should be the reaction when Asian Cricket Council asked Pakistan to host the tournament and then India said that they will not travel to Pakistan and shift the tournament to a neutral venue? Will we all remain servants of India as it is a world power in its own right? Will we go on accepting everything from him?’

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Respect the players –

Ramiz Raja said that the Pakistan team is currently performing well and its players and fans are getting the respect they deserve. The 60-year-old Raja said, ‘We will think, shall we separate? We will take the help of the government and then the matter will move forward. This is not a sign of good leadership. Pakistan cricket team is playing well at the moment. Your fan following is amazing. You have superstars, so please respect your team and fans, which they deserve.’

He further said, ‘There should be a decision on this matter. If Pakistan got the tournament to host then how can it be shifted to a neutral venue without talking to us or ACC members.’

By Ritik Sharma

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