Odds96 Poker Room: Tournaments, Tips, And Strategies

Tournament poker is one of the most popular formats of this card game. Participants deposit buy-ins that make up the prize pool and then try to win as much of it as possible by finishing higher in the tournament. Odds96 offers Indian players the opportunity to participate in tournaments with a comfortable buy-in and the chance to win big when they win.

How To Play Tournament Poker At Odds96 India

Players from India can easily and quickly try their hand at tournament poker at Odds 96. The process of participating in the tournament consists of the following steps:

  1. Register for Odds96 India and recharge your gaming account;
  2. Go to the poker section of Odds96 casino and study the nearest events in the tournament grid (you need to see the maximum number of participants, buy-in, whether there is an opportunity to rebuy, find out the number of prizes and other details);
  3. Registration in the tournament and payment of the fee in real money, or points, tickets (there are also freebets with no starting fee);
  4. Waiting for the tournament start time (you can join an already started event or register for a future tournament);
  5. Seating at the table and starting the game with the goal of winning a prize.

It can be a quick tournament with a small number of participants and one or two tables, or a multi-table event with a large number of players. Multi-table tournaments with a large number of participants give you the opportunity to win a large amount of money with a relatively small buy-in, but there are fewer chances to get into the prizes.

Choose a tournament in the poker discipline you specialise in (e.g. Hold’em or Omaha). At Odds96 bet you can choose a tournament format that suits you best by filtering through various parameters such as:

  • Type of poker discipline;
  • Buy-in amount;
  • Maximum number of participants;
  • Table size (6max or 9max)
  • Allowable number of rebuys;
  • Time before the blades go up;
  • And other parameters.

By carefully selecting tournaments and following the advice of experienced players, you can succeed in tournament poker on the Odds96 betting platform. Here you have everything you need for this.

Tips For Playing Tournament Poker At Odds96 India

To make regular tournament poker sessions profitable over the distance, it’s important to make the right decisions and avoid common mistakes. Here are some tips from experienced tournament players:

  • Don’t play too many starting hands, be selective in the early stages of the tournament, even when you have 100BB+;
  • Don’t play at too high stakes, as the variance in tournament poker is higher than in cash games;
  • Properly manage your bankroll, study the ITM statistics of your Odds96 login for a week, month, six months of regular participation in the events;
  • Don’t go into a tilt when you lose, remember that with regular play it’s important to make the right decisions over distance;
  • Show enough aggression to stop stealing your blinds, crush a weak opponent’s stack;
  • Place odd-sized bets to confuse your opponents, preventing them from narrowing their hand range;
  • Don’t aim to win every hand, your main goal is to accumulate chips, especially in the early and middle stages of the tournament.

Following these simple tips will allow you to avoid many mistakes and save a lot of chips. This will significantly increase your chances of taking one of the prizes in the tournament.

Strategies For Playing Tournament Poker At Odds96 India

There are several popular proven strategies that will increase your percentage of hitting the money in tournaments. When playing in tournaments at Odds96, use the following techniques:

  • Learn the preflop charts by heart, or keep a few printed tables with the starting hand chart for different types of tournaments and stages of play so that you don’t use too wide an opening range (this is a major mistake all beginners make)
  • Use the HUD and auxiliary poker software, if the room doesn’t block it, to get maximum stats on your opponents;
  • Use as wide a range as possible on the batton and cat-off, and try to steal blinds in late positions with medium-sized hands to buy time;
  • Protect the big blinds more often by using a 3-bet or call against late position players, and use call-stealing with hands that have potential postflop;
  • Increase your aggressiveness in bubble conditions (when there are only a few positions left before the prizes), because at this stage your opponents become very selective and prefer not to take risks, which will allow you to take the pot with a medium to strong hand;
  • Use a preflop squeeze (a 3-bet after an overpair when there is at least one call at the table) to put pressure on the widest possible range of hands.

These and other simple strategies will help you stay in the standings longer and increase your chance of getting into the tournament prizes. Odds96 reviews and open-source reviews from professional players suggest that this platform is great for regular tournament play. Apply strategies wisely, taking into account the style of your opponents at the table, and you’ll be able to excel in tournament poker.


Tournament poker is an interesting format of card discipline in which you can successfully apply a large number of strategies. By following the advice of professionals, you will increase the percentage of getting into the money with regular tournament play. The Odds96 platform is perfect for gambling holidays and training of basic skills of profitable game. Register and start winning! Good luck!

By Devansh Awasthi

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