When you are a cricket fan, there is always a reason which attracts you towards the gentleman’s game, It can be a particular player, or the style with which this game is played, or the fascination that went into your veins by seeing a bowl of 150 kmph+ or a classy uppercut shot just can’t get out of your head.

Allright then! So here is the Top-10 Most Loved Cricketers in the world in 2022

1. Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar
 Sachin Tendulkar : Cricket’s favorite son

The “Master Blaster” or “Little Master” or “God of Cricket”, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is the reason why most of the 90s or even early 20s children are fans of cricket. The utter dominance he provided with his batting against mighty Australian team or any other side India played against and many times making the Indian team win single-handedly and every time winning our hearts. Don’t lie if as a cricket fan, you didn’t cry on his final 200th test for India, when he got out.

His record of 100 international centuries, maximum runs in ODIs and Tests is still on the top all over the world. He even said Virat and Rohit are the ones who will break it in near future and he had a smile on his face while saying it because as long as an Indian breaks it, he will be happy. He won our hearts off the pitch as well.

With love, we have gone forward and selected Sachin Tendulkar at the Topmost Position in our list of Top-10 Most Loved Cricketers in the World.

2. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

MS Dhoni
MS Dhoni and Love are quite complimentary with each other

The aura which MSD had in his playing days hits different. Even a small move of his on field defines his staretegic mindset. He is not only the best finisher in the world,smashing back-to-back sixes, he led India like a Royal king. Being the only captain winning all the ICC tournaments, many youngster even credited him for shaping their career. You can never have enough of this man and since the day he left the Men in Blues, We already miss him as a smart tactician, as a wicketkeeper, as a finisher and even as a saviour during a collapse. He already got lots of limitless love and blessings during his playing days and continues that till date.

Happily! we have gone forward and selected Mahendra Singh Dhoni at the 2nd Position in our list of Top-10 Most Loved Cricketers in the World.

3. Kane Williamson

Kane Williamson
Kane Williamson is known for his calm and humble attitude

Remember that smile, after the New Zealand lost the WC 2019 to England in little controversial manner? He had his head high always, remains cool, calm and composed. Fans and players can never ever see him having any kind of heated arguments. Due to his absolute humble attitude, he is loved unconditionally around the globe especially India, even though he scores a lot of runs against us in the ICC tournaments. We love you, Kane! And just take rest when you play against us.

Allright then, we have gone forward and selected Kane Williamson at the 3rd Position in our list of Top-10 Most Loved Cricketers in the World.

4. Ab De Villiers

AB De Villiers
AB De Villiers the man who could miracles with his bat any random day

Mr 360 broke many hearts after he recently retired from all forms of cricket which included the domestic T20 leagues, So He bid a good bye to the RCB franchise and the RCB fans. Banglore is his second home because of the love he get from the fans, He deserved to win at least a WC but life is unfair but not the love he deserves. We all gonna miss his 360 degree shots against fast bowlers and his stunning catches on the field. Could you return again? for a farewell match!? We wanna love you the most for one last time on the pitch!

So, we have gone forward and selected Ab De Villiers at the 4th Position in our list of Top-10 Most Loved Cricketers in the World.

5. Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli is the most energetic character of International Cricket

Well, the king kohli don’t gonna miss any good list whether it is in terms of batting average, runs, centuries or even the love. The man who ruled this generation cricket like a real king, the pairing of him with MSD is a treat to the eyes of cricket lovers. On his day he’s unstoppable thrashed every bowler with bat, with mouth and even with mindset. He set the bar so high that we expect him to score in almost every match and even if he don’t do it sometimes, our love stays with him.

With surety! We have gone forward and selected Virat Kohli at the 5th Position in our list of Top-10 Most Loved Cricketers in the World.

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6. Suresh Raina

MS Dhoni and Suresh Raina announce their retirement
Suresh Raina is loved for his bond and friendship

The most selfless cricketer if we witnessed in our life, it’s Suresh Raina. The best field of all time as per Jonty Rodes and fans as well. Chinna Thala get so much love from the Chennai fans and he is a lifeline for them. The man gonna celebrate the century of his partner, way before than the partner itself. His smile wins heart, his gestures wins hearts, his saviour innings like the one in 2011 WC against Australia win hearts. Well! Mr IPL we have only one heart, So stop already! But the fans still want to pouring love on you.

Henceforth, we have gone forward and selected Suresh Raina at the 6th Position in our list of Top-10 Most Loved Cricketers in the World.

7. Dale Steyn

Dale Styen
AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – MARCH 24: Dale Steyn of South Africa during the 2015 Cricket World Cup Semi Final match between New Zealand and South Africa at Eden Park on March 24, 2015 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Anthony Au-Yeung-IDI/IDI via Getty Images)

Steyn is the only fast bowler pacer till now to make into this list. Steyn Gun has earned a lot of respect and a fan base for his world-class bowling. The fans love him for his humble and down to earth nature, He even smiles after getting hit for a boundary. The way he got emotional when Shivam Mavi named his as his idol makes the fans go sound like ‘awwwwwww‘, but on his prime batsman just come and go there is no awww moment for them. After ending his professional cricket career in 2021. Dale Steyn became brand ambassador for Pin Up Casino in India due to the fact that he is loved and adored by cricket fans in India.

Interestingly, we have gone forward and selected Dale Steyn at the 7th Position in our list of Top-10 Most Loved Cricketers in the World.

8. Zaheer Khan

Zaheer Khan
Zaheer Khan is every 90s-kid favorite Indian Fast Bowler

The underrated Indian legend, who was the highest wicket taker in 2011 WC, he was the only life line for the Indian bowling line up at times. Every cricket fan in India especially must have tried to copy his bowling style, and still can’t bowl like him unfortunately. He has the respect and love from all the fans all over India.

So, we have gone forward and selected Zaheer Khan at the 8th Position in our list of Top-10 Most Loved Cricketers in the World.

9. Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid
Rahul Dravid is the silent character but loved across the globe for his sportsmanship

The wall that was never easy for the opposition bowlers to break. The gentleman in a true sense, his down to earth nature, his smile, everything just wins our heart. Now He’s the head coach of our national team and the way he pays the respect to the opposition, the correct wordings he chose to describe any situation is just perfect! Should be bow, He’s a gentleman for sure.

So, we have gone forward and selected Rahul Dravid at the 9th Position in our list of Top-10 Most Loved Cricketers in the World.

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10. Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle
Chris Gayle has a huge fanbase majorly due to his T20 exploits across the globe

There is nothing we don’t love about this guy, except him bashing sixes against India or your favourite IPL team. The way he dances, he celebrate , his smile , his charm, and his humongous sixes as well. He is loved all over India, just because he is Chris Gayle! Can you just do that celebration dance again or be the DJ and invite the fans as well!

So, we have gone forward and selected Chris Gayle at the 10th Position in our list of Top-10 Most Loved Cricketers in the World.

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