In the second semi-final match of the T20I World Cup 2022, India was defeated by England and its dream of reaching the final was shattered.

Team India, of course, lost in the semi-final match, but despite this, Rohit Sharma’s team will get crores of rupees as a reward. The ICC had told before the start of this World Cup that this time the amount of $ 5.6 million will be distributed as a prize.

According to the Indian currency, this amount is about Rs 45.67 crore. In such a situation, let us tell you how much amount India, including the winner, will get the semi-final loser on the prize money round.

Indian team will get Rs 3.26 crore –

In the T20I World Cup 2022, the semi-final exits i.e. India and New Zealand will be given $ 0.4 million i.e. about Rs 3.26 crore. New Zealand’s team was defeated by Pakistan in the first semi-final match, while India was defeated by England.

Now Pakistan and England will compete in the final, in which the winning team will get $ 1.6 million or about Rs 13 crore, while the runner-up team will be given $ 0.8 million or about Rs 6.5 crore.

Let us tell you that this time i.e. in the T20I World Cup 2022, a total of 16 teams took part, out of which 12 teams were in the Super 12 round. In the Super 12 round, 8 teams were already placed on the basis of ICC rankings while 4 teams made it through qualification matches.

Out of this, four teams had reached the semi-finals while two teams reached the final and the winner will be decided in Melbourne on Sunday. The ICC had already announced that prize money will be given to all the teams participating in this tournament.

By Ritik Sharma

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