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Teacher’s have really a role to play in the development of any individual, be it any field. Teacher’s in Sports are usually referred to as “Coach”. So what’s best than putting forward the names of Greatest Coaches of the Sports Arena on the occasion of Teacher’s Day. Coaching has always been an underrated concept of any sport. The credit is always given to the players while the coaches are always criticized for the loss. Despite facing many criticisms they are the important part of any team and plays a vital role in teams performance.

The great coaches in this tree of sports have impacted the game both off and on the sidelines of their respective games. But all the coaches have the same mindset of winning and just winning. On the auspicious day of teachers day let us  look after 5 greatest coaches of all time.

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Teacher’s Day Special Collection

John Wooden (Basketball)

Teacher's Day Best Coaches
John Wooden

John Wooden became the first player to to feature in the basketball Hall of Fame both as a coach and a player. He has won 12 NCERT 8th championships in the period of 12 years including seven straight wins while coaching UCLA. He has a world record of winning 88 consecutive games in a row and his Bruin team 19 conference championships.

He is 1st on our list of Greatest Coaches (Teacher’s Day Special).

Vince Lombardi (Football)

Teacher's Day Best Coaches
Vince Lombardi

Vince Lombardi has post the packers for the period of seven years and has won three consecutive League championships and 5 overall. He has won first two super balls and the hearts of Wisconsin faithful.

The Super Bowl Trophy is named after the legendary cheese Head coach Vince Lombardi as Vince Lombardi trophy.

He is 2nd on our list of Greatest Coaches (Teacher’s Day Special).

Dean Smith (Football)

Dean Smith has made a world record of 879 victories in his career with two national titles and 11 final 4 appearances. He has been the coach of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for the period of 36 years.

Teacher's Day Best Coaches
Dean Smith

He was regarded as the old school teacher and his impact on the team truly made him the hero to the all fans of sports. Under his guidance Charles Court became the first Black scholarship athlete at the the University of North Carolina. Female scheme programs work hard and dominated the sports.

He is 3rd on our list of Greatest Coaches (Teacher’s Day Special).

Pete Newell ( Basketball)

Pete Newell has won a national championship in 1959 at the University of California. He has also won an Olympic Championship in 1960 and the hearts of all sports fan around the world. He has done remarkable efforts in the field of basketball.

Teacher's Day Best Coaches
Pete Newell

He was the first to use the term ‘Over the Top’ pass. He started a world class illustration camp for the upcoming ballers. He was the poker player and a retired Hollywood actor who was found of coffee.

He is 4th on our list of Greatest Coaches (Teacher’s Day Special).

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Paul Brown (Football)

Paul Brown is one of the legendary coaches of all times. His team only lost 10 games in 11 seasons. His team won National title In 1942 and reached the league championship game in all 10 seasons.

Teacher's Day Best Coaches
Paul Brown

He was a great leader and an innovator who revolutionized the  football. He Spark the maturation of a blossoming game football. He won the nine championships as coach. He always said that the key to winning is poise under stress.

He is 5th on our list of Greatest Coaches (Teacher’s Day Special).



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