Former Pakistani cricketer Danish Kaneria has recently stirred controversy by making serious allegations against his former teammate, Shahid Afridi. The 42-year-old Kaneria claimed that Afridi had attempted to forcefully convert him from Hinduism to Islam. These allegations have garnered significant attention in the media.

Kaneria didn’t stop there; he further fueled the controversy by reposting a video on a social media platform, supporting his claims. In the video, it was alleged that Shahid Afridi, upon seeing his daughter participate in a religious ceremony of ‘puja’ on television, lost his temper and smashed the TV in anger.

This incident, as Kaneria pointed out, raises questions about how Afridi may have treated him during their time together in the national cricket team.

Kaneria took to his official social media platform to express his concerns, stating, “Shahid Afridi broke the TV because his daughter was performing ‘puja.’ Just imagine if he could do this to his innocent daughter, how would he have treated me.” This statement came in the context of Kaneria’s claims that he was mistreated during his tenure in Pakistan’s cricket team.

For those unfamiliar with Danish Kaneria, he holds the distinction of being the second Hindu cricketer to represent Pakistan. Over his decade-long international cricket career, Kaneria participated in 61 Test matches and 18 One-Day Internationals (ODIs). He exhibited exceptional skills as a spinner, amassing 261 wickets in Test cricket and 15 wickets in ODIs.

His career featured an impressive 15 five-wicket hauls. His final appearance for the national team occurred during a Test match against England at Trent Bridge in 2010. Notably, among Pakistan’s spinners, Kaneria boasts the highest number of wickets in Test cricket. Additionally, he had a particular penchant for performing well against arch-rivals India, claiming 43 wickets in 11 Test matches against the Men in Blue.


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