Sachin Tendulkar’s popularity has not diminished even after nine years of his retirement from cricket. Tendulkar remains very active on social media. He has shared two great videos on Instagram in two days.

In one, he is trying his hand at a new game, while in the other, he is relishing the food cooked on the earthen stove. Fans are very fond of both the videos of Tendulkar.

Sachin shared a video on Thursday (December 29). In this, food is being cooked on a clay stove in Rajasthan. Two women are cooking. Tendulkar is talking to him. Sachin wrote in the caption, “The taste of the food cooked on the chulha itself is unique.” Both the women told that they are making wheat and millet bread.

Watch- Sachin tried earthen stove food

Tendulkar again said, “I can cook food too, but I can’t make round roti.” Food cooked on the stove has a different taste. It is tastier than food cooked on gas.” When ghee was placed in front of Sachin, he said, “I have never eaten so much ghee in my life. This is love filled ghee.”

Tendulkar tried his hand at Kayaking

Sachin video playing Kayaking

Sachin had earlier shared a video on Wednesday as well. He was spending holidays in Thailand. Tendulkar, 49, also tried his hand at the sport of kayaking. He learned to steer the rudder while sailing. Taking the rudder in his hand, Tendulkar said it was like reverse swing. He is enjoying this game for the first time.

Celebrated Christmas with children

Recently, Tendulkar celebrated the Christmas festival with children. He had a lot of fun with the kids. Tendulkar spent time with children for the Happy Feet Home Foundation. During this, Tendulkar, who was called ‘God of Cricket’, also gave gifts to the children.

By Ritik Sharma

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