The Bengal Cricket Association (CAB) announced on Monday that spectators will have to spend a minimum of 900 rupees for tickets to the semi-final match of the ICC One-Day Cricket World Cup 2023, which will be held at Eden Gardens.

For the match between India and South Africa as well as the semi-final, ticket prices will range from 900 rupees (upper tier) to three thousand rupees (B, L block). For these two matches, other tickets will be priced at 1,500 rupees (D, H block) and 2,500 rupees (C, K block). Eden Gardens has been chosen to host five matches of the World Cup and has a seating capacity of 63,500 spectators.

Tickets for the match between Bangladesh and the first qualifier, which will also take place at Eden Gardens, will start at a minimum of 650 rupees (upper tier). In addition to this, other tickets will be priced at 1,000 rupees (D and H block) and 1,500 rupees (B, C, K, L block).

Tickets for Pakistan’s two matches against England and Bangladesh will be priced at 800 rupees (upper tier), 1,200 rupees (D, H block), 2,000 rupees (C, K block), and 2,200 rupees (B, L block).

The ICC One-Day Cricket World Cup is one of the most prestigious cricket tournaments, featuring top international teams competing for the ultimate title.

As the progresses towards the beginning of WC 2023 happening, the excitement and anticipation among cricket fans are growing. The announcement of ticket prices for the semi-final matches at Eden Gardens has provided a glimpse into the cost of witnessing these high-stakes clashes.

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Eden Gardens, known for its rich cricketing history and passionate crowds, will be the center of attention as cricket enthusiasts from all over the world gather to witness the intense battles on the field. With a seating capacity of over 63,000, the stadium offers an incredible atmosphere for fans to soak in the thrill and drama of the World Cup.


The ticket prices vary based on seating sections, allowing spectators to choose their preferred viewing experience. Whether it’s the affordable upper tier tickets or the premium seats in the B, L block, there is a range of options available to accommodate different budgets.

Cricket fans eagerly await the semi-final matches at Eden Gardens, where they will witness the clash of titans as teams compete for a spot in the highly anticipated World Cup final. The tournament promises to deliver exciting cricketing action and unforgettable moments, making it a must-wach for fans aroun d the world.

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