The dynamics of cricket and how each batsman approach their innings have changed since 2015. Players have now become a lot more aggressive owing to the norms of high-scoring games, especially in the shorter versions. These days, players have a tendency and are not reluctant in playing aerial shots. In the last five years, some of the greatest stroke players have come up the ranks and have mastered the art of hitting sixes.

Here we look at 6 players having the most number of sixes since 2015:

1) Rohit Sharma

Rohit has made six-hitting an effortless job
Unsurprisingly, it is Rohit Sharma who has hit the most number of sixes in international cricket since 2015. The Indian opener has hit a whopping 314 sixes in just the 199 innings. Rohit Sharma has also hit the most number of sixes by any Indian this decade. This is one of the many reasons why he has been nicknamed as Hitman. Known for his ability to hit sixes at will, Rohit in nearly unstoppable when he gets into a six-hitting spree. In the past few years, Rohit has overhauled MS Dhoni for most sixes ever hit by an Indian player in the history of the game.
2) Martin Guptill

Arguably one of the most aggressive openers of the modern era, Martin Guptill has hit the second most number of sixes in international cricket since 2015. Till 2017, Guptill had hit most international sixes since World Cup 2015 before Rohit Sharma surpassed him in the six-hitting tally. The New Zealand opener has hit 196 sixes in the 162 innings. He has been an asset to his team in the shorter formats of the game.
3)Eoin Morgan

One of the best middle-order batsmen, Eoin Morgan has not only hit the most sixes for England but is also 3rd on the list for most sixes hit in international cricket since 2015. Morgan has a reputation for being an aggressive player and has hit 189 sixes in 134 innings since 2015. Leading from the front, England skipper captained his team to a maiden World Cup win in
4) Chris Gayle

Gayle fancies his own way of hitting sixes. Christopher Henry Gayle is also known as the “Six hitting Machine” in cricket. Hailed as the ‘Universe Boss’, Gayle has scored the most number of sixes in the history of international T20s. Despite playing just the 54 innings, the Jamaican-born has scored 155 sixes in his last 5 years at the international level. Even in the history of cricket, Gayle tops the list for most sixes ever hit in international cricket. The West Indian legend has fetched half a dozen runs on a record – 534 occasions in his playing career.
5) Aaron Finch

Finch acquires the fourth spot on the list of Most sixes hit since 2015.Currently the ODI and T20I captain of Australia, Aaron finch has hit the fifth-most number of sixes since 2015. He’s had a reputation of being aggressive and is considered as one of the best openers of the modern era. Finch has hit 155 sixes in 136 innings

6) Jos Buttler

Buttler has earned a reputation of hitting sixes with utmost ease. Arguably the greatest finisher of present times, Jos Buttler has grabbed the sixth spot on the list for the most number of sixes in international cricket since 2015. Buttler has a knack of hitting the ball hard and long. It is to no surprise that he has hit 155 sixes in 179 innings despite batting in the middle-order.

By Arvind Krishnan

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