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The Pakistan Super League (PSL) is set to expand, adding two new franchises from 2026, transforming it into an eight-team league. This announcement was confirmed by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) in a recent media release, marking the 2025 season—the tenth edition of the PSL—as the final one with only six teams.

This expansion has been anticipated since the PCB and existing PSL franchises agreed to postpone any team additions until after the tenth season. The confirmation by the PCB now sets the stage for a significant change, as it will be the first inclusion of new teams since the Multan Sultans joined the league in 2018, expanding the original roster of five teams.

The process to determine the cities that will host these new franchises has not yet begun. This upcoming expansion will be closely watched, given its potential to bring fresh competition and new fan bases to the league.


Adding to the intrigue is the expiration of the ten-year lease ownership agreements with the current franchise owners, slated for 2025. This includes the Multan Sultans, despite their later entry into the league. All six franchise owners have the right of first refusal, meaning they can retain ownership by matching the franchise’s valuation. If an owner decides not to retain their team, only then will the franchise be up for sale.

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Another significant development is the potential shift in the PSL schedule. Traditionally held in February-March, the league’s schedule is under review due to conflicts with other major tournaments such as the Champions Trophy, the ILT20, and the SA20.

The PCB’s proposed solution is to move the PSL to a new window from April 7 to May 20, 2025. This move, if finalized, will place the PSL in direct competition with the Indian Premier League (IPL), creating a significant overlap that could impact viewership and player participation.

The PCB aims to establish this new window as a permanent fixture rather than a temporary adjustment to an increasingly crowded cricket calendar. This strategic shift underscores the PCB’s commitment to ensuring the PSL’s growth and sustainability amidst the global cricket landscape.

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