Pakistan’s cricket fraternity bid farewell to a seasoned pacer as Wahab Riaz officially announced his retirement from international cricket on a significant Wednesday, August 16.

Wahab, who had donned the Pakistan jersey for the last time in December 2020, now takes on a new role as the caretaker Sports Minister of Punjab Province in his homeland.

The 38-year-old’s departure from the international scene, however, won’t mean the end of his cricketing journey, as he looks forward to continuing his participation in franchise cricket events around the world.

Wahab Riaz, a name synonymous with pace and precision, etched his mark across formats with an impressive career spanning 27 Tests, 91 ODIs, and 36 T20Is. Over the years, he amassed a commendable tally of 237 wickets, showcasing his prowess as a relentless bowler.

As he shared his retirement decision on Twitter, Wahab expressed gratitude to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), his family, coaches, mentors, teammates, fans, and all those who played a role in his remarkable journey.

In his tweet, Wahab poignantly stated,

“Stepping off the international pitch. After an incredible journey, I’ve decided to retire from international cricket. Big thank you to PCB, my family, coaches, mentors, teammates, fans, and everyone who supported me. Exciting times ahead in the world of franchise cricket!”

This heartfelt message encapsulated his appreciation for the collaborative efforts that shaped his career.

Wahab Riaz’s contemplation of retirement over the past two years culminated in his decision to step away from international cricket. He expressed a sense of fulfillment in having served his country and the national team to the best of his abilities. Reflecting on his journey, he conveyed,

“It has been an honor and a privilege to represent Pakistan on the international stage. As I bid farewell to this chapter, I am thrilled to embark on a new adventure in franchise cricket, where I hope to entertain and inspire audiences while competing against some of the best talents in the world.”

As Wahab transitions to this new chapter in franchise cricket, fans and cricket enthusiasts can look forward to witnessing his enduring passion for the game. While his international cricket career may have concluded, his legacy as a dedicated athlete and a symbol of Pakistan’s cricketing spirit will undoubtedly continue to shine brightly on the global stage.

By Ritik Sharma

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