The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has taken stern action by issuing show-cause notices to its Pak players who have chosen to participate in minor leagues in the USA without securing the required no-objection certificates (NOCs).

The move comes in response to Test player Fawad Alam’s decision to relocate to the USA for cricket and potential settlement. Notably, a number of prominent players, including those who have represented Pakistan on the international stage, such as;

Sohaib Maqsood, Arshad Iqbal, Hussain Talat, Ali Shafiq, Imad Butt, Usman Shanwari, Umaid Asif, Zeeshan Ashraf, Saif Badar, Mukhtar Ahmed, and Nauman Anwar, are presently engaged in cricket activities in the USA without obtaining the required NOCs from PCB.

The issue has come to light after Fawad Alam’s move to the USA, sparking concerns within the cricketing community. While some players, including Alam, reportedly possessed visit visas and had communicated their intentions to the board before heading to the USA, others did not follow this protocol.

Notably, a reliable source within the PCB disclosed that a few players, Fawad Alam among them, had initiated the process of obtaining visas that would eventually lead to green cards within eighteen months, allowing them to establish permanent residency in the USA. This development indicates the players’ intent to settle in the USA and actively participate in cricket there.

The regulations of the USA Minor League dictate that a player can be considered a local player only after retiring from both international and domestic cricket in their home country.

Players who choose not to retire from these avenues are categorized as “guest” players. Their teams do not apply for green card status on their behalf, as it is reserved for players who have demonstrated their commitment to transitioning away from international and domestic cricket.

In essence, the PCB’s decision to issue show-cause notices highlights the importance of adhering to proper protocols when players seek to participate in leagues abroad. This move seeks to ensure that players respect the regulations governing their cricketing pursuits in foreign leagues while also maintaining their responsibilities to their home country’s cricketing ecosystem.

It also sheds light on the growing trend of players like Fawad Alam seeking opportunities abroad and eventually aiming for permanent settlement in pursuit of their cricketing aspirations.

By Ritik Sharma

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