A case of fraud of $ 2.5 million (about Rs 20 crore) with the International Cricket Council (ICC) has come to light. ICC did not officially say anything on this.

But, according to media reports, America’s fraud sent transaction mails to ICC 4 times. ICC did not get the news of fraud all four times and they paid on mail.

There was no news till Thursday

The headquarter of ICC is in Dubai, UAE. They did not even know till Thursday (January 18) that he was being cheated online.

As soon as the information about the fraud was received, the ICC immediately started the investigation. In view of the investigation, the ICC has not yet issued an official statement on the fraud.

ICC was looted by making friendly mail –

ICC did not say anything on fraud. But, it is coming out in media reports that American based party has done online fraud with ICC. The fraudster sent mails to the institution by creating an e-mail address similar to that of another ICC customer, ICC was asked to pay on these.

ICC kept paying on these, but the matter came to the fore on Thursday. Those who were actually supposed to get the payment, never got the amount.

ICC’s Finance Department is investigating –

ICC’s Finance Department has started internal and external investigation on the matter. The Finance Department has started questioning the staff members that after all four fraudulent payments were made and why no one came to know. Well, not much information has been revealed about this till now. But, it is difficult that the ICC will come forward and say something on this matter.



By Ritik Sharma

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