Sawai Mansingh Stadium audience is witnessing the thrilling game toning among the Rajasthan Royals’ against the Delhi Capitals, during the first innings, young Indian opener Yashasvi Jaiswal faced a challenging outing, marred by a sensational delivery from Mukesh Kumar.

The encounter unfolded in the second over of the Royals’ innings, as DC skipper Rishabh Pant strategically introduced Mukesh Kumar into the attack to seize an early breakthrough opportunity.

Jaiswal, who had recently garnered attention with his stellar performances against England, found himself under immense pressure as Mukesh Kumar relentlessly pursued him with a barrage of deliveries. After conceding a boundary early in his over, Mukesh displayed remarkable composure by bowling two consecutive dot balls, intensifying the pressure on the young left-hander.

The climax of the showdown came with a mesmerizing delivery from Mukesh Kumar—a full-length ball that angled into Jaiswal, ultimately crashing into his off stump, leaving the batsman visibly stunned. The dismissal marked Jaiswal’s second consecutive setback in the IPL 2024, following his previous match’s disappointment.

WATCH: Mukesh stellar ball to Yashasvi

As Jaiswal made his way back to the dugout, Mukesh Kumar’s jubilant celebration reflected the intensity of the moment, with the bowler delivering a fiery send-off to the departing batsman. The electrifying exchange between the two players encapsulated the competitive spirit of the IPL and the significance of every wicket in the high-stakes tournament.

Despite Jaiswal’s recent struggles, his talent and potential remain undeniable, making his journey in the IPL 2024 a captivating narrative to follow. As the tournament progresses, fans eagerly anticipate whether Jaiswal can overcome this setback and reclaim his form, or if the challenges will continue to test his resilience on cricket’s grandest stage.

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