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India’s failures in the knockouts of the ICC tournaments has heart broken all the Indian cricket fans for about a decade now. The way the Indian team got knocked out without even putting the fight in most of the matches is a big concern.

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Our Observations from India’s Failures in ICC Tournaments-

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1. Lack of squad depth and poor team selection: There seems to be a lack of depth in India’s squad and questionable decision-making in team selection across different formats. Players often face fatigue from playing all formats, making it challenging for them to adapt. In contrast, the Australian squad has been praised for its well-balanced selection and prioritization of ICC tournaments.

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2. Lack of leadership: The decision to remove Virat Kohli as the captain is seen as a detrimental move, leaving a void in leadership since the departure of MS Dhoni. We have seen that leadership has been the reason for India’s losses in the ICC tournaments especially in the last 3-4 years.

3. Lack of Competition: With the decline of teams like Sri Lanka and West Indies in recent years, India’s semi-final finish in the previous T20 World Cup may not be considered a significant achievement. India’s real test was against England, where they struggled, and in the previous edition, India was eliminated in the group stage. This suggests India’s performance in ICC tournaments has been disappointing.

4. Repeated selection of players: There is criticism towards the selectors for relying on the same set of players and making minimal changes, even after poor performances in crucial matches like the knockouts of the ICC tournaments.

5. Purpose of IPL and talent utilization: The purpose of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is to identify and nurture young talents. However, you believe that there is a lack of proper utilization of these talents in the national squad and couldn’t make much Impact in the ICC tournaments for the Indian team.

6. Mentality: There is a perception that Indian players may lack the drive to win or prove themselves. It is suggested that players may be too content with their personal lives, financial stability, and lavish lifestyles. In comparison, other teams, such as Australia, New Zealand, England, and Pakistan, have managed to achieve significant success in ICC tournaments.

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The overall sentiment is that the best teams are those that remove underperforming players, regardless of their seniority, from the squad. However, you feel that India has not been successful in implementing this approach effectively. It is important to note that these are subjective observations and opinions, and multiple factors contribute to a team’s performance in ICC tournaments.

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