India’s recent series win against England has brought forth several noteworthy takeaways that highlight the team’s resilience and strategic prowess.

1. Experience Isn’t Everything: Despite England boasting a playing eleven with a cumulative total of 668 test caps compared to India’s 294, the series showcased that experience alone does not guarantee success. India’s relatively younger squad demonstrated exceptional skill and determination, proving that cricket is not just about the number of caps but the quality of performance.

2. Toss Doesn’t Always Tell the Tale: Losing the toss on a rank turner is often perceived as a significant disadvantage. However, India defied the odds, showcasing that winning or losing the toss doesn’t necessarily dictate the outcome. The team’s ability to adapt to challenging conditions, particularly on turning tracks, was a crucial factor in their success.

WATCH:- 5 Key takeaways in India’s series win over England

3. Chasing History: India’s limited success in chasing 150+ scores over the last decade has been a talking point. However, the remarkable victory at the Gabba and the series win against England underline the team’s evolving ability to chase challenging targets. This reflects a positive shift in India’s approach to run-chases, especially in the longest format of the game.

4. Overcoming From Early Setbacks: In the initial innings of the test match, India faced adversity as their top seven batsmen were back in the pavilion at a low score. However, the lower order showcased resilience, stepping up to the challenge and making valuable contributions. This highlights the team’s depth and the ability of players to rise to the occasion when the situation demands.

5. Winning Without Key Players: The absence of key players like Bumrah, Virat, and Rahul¬†could have been perceived as a significant setback. However, India’s triumph in the series, despite these notable absences, underscores the team’s collective strength and the emergence of new leaders who can step up in crucial moments.

In conclusion, India’s series win against England not only reflects the team’s on-field prowess but also the depth and adaptability that make them a formidable force in international cricket.

By Ritik Sharma

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