SAFF Championship 2023

In the semi-final of the SAFF Championship 2023, India faced Lebanon. The match ended in a goalless draw after 120 minutes of play. In the penalty shootout that followed, India emerged victorious with a 4-2 scoreline.

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SAFF Championship: India defeat Lebanon in penalty shootout to book a spot  in the final - India Today

How was India’s performance against Lebanon in SAFF Championship 2023?

India’s penalty takers were successful in converting their shots, while goalkeeper Gurpreet Singh Sandhu made a crucial save. The Indian team displayed exceptional character and composure, especially when the game went into penalties of the semi finals of SAFF Championship 2023.

SAFF Cup 2023: Gurpreet Sandhu Makes Critical Save As India Beat Lebanon On  Penalties To Reach Final

Gurpreet Singh Sandhu’s early saves played a vital role in keeping India in the SAFF Championship 2023 semifinals to keep India’s hope alive. The defense showcased resilience and successfully thwarted several Lebanese counter-attacks. Although India’s attackers couldn’t find the back of the net during the intense 120 minutes of play due to poor decision making in the final thirds by the Indian forwards, the final outcome mattered more.

With this win, India has secured a spot in the final of the SAFF Championship 2023 which will be played against Kuwait. Kuwait is ranked lower than India in FIFA Rankings due to various other factor but the team of Kuwait deserve to be around 75-80 in terms of quality play.

India previously defeated Lebanon in the final of the Intercontinental cup by 2-0, drew against Kuwait previously due to unfortunate late own goal of Anwar Ali. Can India rise to their best against Kuwait in the finals?

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