The final of the ICC World Test Championship between India vs Australia going to be held this year and it is just a few days away. And preparations are going on in full swing, ICC has made it clear that the Kookaburra ball will be used in the final of the Test Championship. Let us know according to this report that why Kookaburra is special.

It is an Australian company, founded in 1890 by Alfred Thomson. It is known as the world’s largest ball making company. The Kookaburra company is named after the Kookaburra, a bird found in Australia. It is used for playing Test match to T20I in the cricket field.

The Kookaburra ball is made according to the cricket pitch. Being very solid and heavy, the Kookaburra ball bounces a lot on the cricket ground. Apart from Australia; New Zealand and South Africa use this ball.

After the pink kookaburra ball was used in a charity match in 2006, the MCC recognized it and urged manufacturers to develop it for day-night Test matches.

The novelty of the Pink Kookaburra cricket ball was as much as that of the first Day-Night Test match in November 2015. The first Day-Night Test was played between Australia and New Zealand in Adelaide. History was made when Mitchell Starc bowled the first ball to Martin Guptill. For the first time the use of pink ball had started in international cricket match.

Difference between red and pink Kookaburra balls –

Actually the difference between red and pink ball comes from the last layer of color applied on the ball. The final coating applied to the ball at the end of manufacturing gives it a bright pink color easily visible under floodlights.

Kookaburra is favourable for batsmen –

Due to the pressed seam, there is not much swing in the Kookaburra ball. After the initial 20-30 overs, the natural swing from this ball ends, after 40 to 50 overs the bowler can get reverse swing. Hence the batsmen get enough time beforehand to score runs.

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