Players are often seen fighting with each other on the cricket field. Especially when India and Pakistan teams are face to face, the match becomes fully excited and players also takes it seriously. 

Recently, former Pakistan player Kamran Akmal has shared an anecdote of the verbal war between former Indian team captain Sourav Ganguly and Pakistani player Shoaib Malik with the fans.

Kamran Akmal told the unheard story of Ganguly-Malik’s war of words –

Actually, during the 2005 Mohali Test match, India and Pakistan teams were face to face. In this match, a field battle was seen between Sourav Ganguly and Shoaib Malik. Recently, former Pakistani player Kamran Akmal recalled the anecdote that when Ganguly was batting, he hit a boundary off Shoaib’s ball, but Malik told me during that time that this is the pressure game on which the ball was hit for a six. It could have seemed, Ganguly’s bat came out on him for a four.

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Shoaib had told me during that time that Kamran has seen how much pressure is on Dada, he hit a four off a six. You have seen that Dada is also under pressure.

During this, Shoaib Malik deliberately said this to tease and provoke Ganguly, so that Ganguly could hit a big shot on the next ball, but as soon as Ganguly went a step ahead of the crease on the next ball, he became the victim of the bowler and got stumped.

After getting out, Ganguly looked very furious, he said during that time, “You are very clever, I will not leave you, you just come out, will tell you“,  then after the match ended with a draw.

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