Harbhajan Singh, the former Indian cricketer, has come out in support of captain Rohit Sharma amidst recent criticism faced by him from fans and former players, including the esteemed Sunil Gavaskar.

Gavaskar expressed his dissatisfaction with Sharma’s leadership during the World Test Championship (WTC) final against Australia, stating that it wasn’t up to the mark. In the midst of these criticisms, former spinner Harbhajan Singh has shown his support for Rohit Sharma.

Harbhajan believes that Rohit Sharma needs full support from the Indian cricket system in the coming times, as people are excessively criticizing his captaincy. Harbhajan has played alongside Rohit in Mumbai Indians and has closely observed him in the dressing room of both Mumbai Indians and the Indian team.

Ahead of the upcoming Test match against the West Indies, Harbhajan, in an interview with PTI, stated, “I think people are going a bit overboard (in criticizing Rohit). Cricket is a team sport, and one individual cannot take you from one place to another.”

Having played 103 Tests for India, Harbhajan expressed his opinion that the Indian team didn’t perform well in the WTC final. He emphasized that it is inappropriate to solely criticize Rohit for not scoring runs or not displaying good captaincy. According to Harbhajan, Rohit is a splendid captain.

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Harbhajan stated that Rohit needs time to prove his leadership abilities and deserves support in this endeavor. He mentioned that he has played with Rohit and has seen him closely, not only in the Mumbai Indians’ dressing room but also in the Indian dressing room, where he receives immense respect. Thus, he believes it is unjust to evaluate him solely based on recent performances.

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Harbhajan expressed hope that Rohit will excel in the future. He emphasized the need for us to have faith in him and support him. It is important to refrain from making statements that he is not performing well.

In the past, influential Indian captains have consistently received indirect support from the BCCI and its powerful administrators. Sourav Ganguly received significant support from Jagmohan Dalmiya, while Mahendra Singh Dhoni always had the backing of another strong BCCI leader, N. Srinivasan, during his captaincy tenure.

Harbhajan expressed his hope that Rohit will receive similar support from the BCCI as the previous captains did.

He said,

“If you have the support of the BCCI, then you can work independently. It’s not just MS Dhoni or Virat Kohli; many captains have received support from the BCCI presidents of that time. Rohit will also be getting support from the BCCI. Such support helps them make the right decisions at the right time.”

In last, Harbhajan Singh has extended his support to Rohit Sharma, stating that he needs backing from the Indian cricket system. He believes that with the support of the BCCI, Rohit can lead effectively and make informed decisions.

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