Former Indian team captain MS Dhoni’s fans are present all over the world. Fans wait for hours to get a glimpse of Dhoni. A video is becoming increasingly viral on social media on Sunday. In this, he is seen traveling in a flight with wife Sakshi.

It is being told that after knee surgery, MS Dhoni was traveling by flight with wife Sakshi. He was playing Candy Crush on his tablet on the flight. Seeing what happened to them during this, everyone had a smile on their face. Mahendra Singh Dhoni himself started smiling after seeing everything. Actually, an air hostess present in the flight gifted chocolate to Dhoni.

It is seen in the viral video that Dhoni is sitting with wife Sakshi in the economy class. In such a situation, an air hostess comes and puts a tray full of chocolates in front of Dhoni. There were many chocolates in that tray, but Dhoni took only one chocolate from it. Rest smilingly returned the chocolate along with the tray. The air hostess asked for more chocolates, but Dhoni refused smilingly and said thank you.

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It may be noted that IPL 2023 was seen suffering from knee problem. He played the whole season with pain and made Chennai Super Kings the champion for the fifth time. After winning the final, Dhoni underwent surgery on his knee in Mumbai. After the end of IPL 2023, Dhoni had said that he wants to play for his fans in the next IPL season as well.

By Ritik Sharma

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