Bumrah has been exceptionally the best find of Indian Cricket this decade. In the country where batsman rule the roast, Bumrah finds his name in the unique list of most valuable assets of Team India. Since his debut, in January 2016, he has taken no time to become the World’s No. 1 limited over fast bowlers and his red-ball numbers are too good to have him in the side.

With 104 Wickets in 62 ODIs with the economy rate of only 4.49, 53 Wickets in 45 T20 with the economy rate of 6.69 and 62 Wickets in 12 Test Matches played for the Indian Team at the average of just 19.24. Bumrah has all his foot marked in the list of ‘Legend-in-making’. If IPL has been the biggest positive to Indian Cricket then Bumrah is one of the best finds of it.

Now as a cricket fan or analyst everyone expects Jassi to win India all the matches. But with the amount of International Cricket played plus the flavored Cricket IPL. There should be the margin of error in terms of forms and injury and it is Management’s responsibility to provide him adequate rest and as fans one should never criticize for few ‘off-days‘.

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Jasprit Bumrah is still 26 years old and has atleast 8-10 years of cricket left in him to represent India at the international level. With the experience increasing day by day one should expect him to topple all the World Records chart by the end of his career.

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Article by Devansh Awasthi

By Utkarsh Shukla

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