In a heartening development for cricket enthusiasts, especially English fans, ahead of the much-anticipated ODI World Cup 2023, Ben Stokes has made the decision to end his retirement and participate in the tournament.

Renowned for leading England to their historic victory in the 2019 ODI World Cup on home soil, Stokes’ return is set to infuse the team with renewed vigor.

Reported by The Telegraph, the retired cricketer is prepared to set aside the allure of the IPL 2024 season in favor of representing his nation in the ODI World Cup taking place in India. His earlier retirement from the 50-over format was attributed to the challenges of juggling multiple formats of the game.

Matthew Mott, the coach for England’s white-ball cricket, divulged that the task of convincing Stokes to come out of retirement has been entrusted to Jos Buttler. Mott remains optimistic about the potential success of this effort.

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He emphasized Stokes honesty and straightforwardness with the team and expressed hope for a positive outcome. Mott acknowledged Stokes multifaceted contributions, not just as a bowler but also as a formidable batsman and a key asset in the field.

During the Ashes series, Stokes influence and commanding presence on the field were palpable, an observation Mott underlined. His prolific track record in one-day cricket, coupled with his all-around skills, renders Stokes an invaluable asset to the team’s aspirations in the upcoming tournament.

Mott also noted Stokes instrumental role in encouraging Moeen Ali to reverse his decision to retire from Test cricket, a factor that has kindled hopes of a similar outcome for the World Cup.


By Ritik Sharma

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