Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and UK PM Rishi Sunak engaged in some light-hearted banter during their meeting at the NATO summit this week. The conversation took an interesting turn as cricket became the topic of discussion, specifically Jonny Bairstow’s controversial moment in the Ashes.

Albanese took a sly dig at England, referring to Bairstow’s stumping incident in the second test. The move had caused division within the cricketing world, but Australia stood firm, maintaining that it didn’t break the “Spirit of Cricket.” Albanese playfully commented that Bairstow needed to “stay in his crease,” alluding to the incident.

Amidst laughter, Sunak retaliated by jokingly saying, “Sorry I didn’t bring my sandpaper,” referencing the infamous ball-tampering scandal involving the Australian cricket team.

The exchange between the two leaders showcased their sense of humor and highlighted the ongoing friendly rivalry between Australia and England in cricket. Cricket fans, including the Barmy Army, appreciated the banter and shared a laugh along with the Prime Ministers.

Although Australia couldn’t seal the series with a victory at Headingley, Albanese humorously presented Sunak with a sheet of paper displaying the scoreline “Australia 2 – 1 England.” Sunak responded by showing a photo of England’s win in the latest test, which kept the series alive.

WATCH: Australian PM funny conversation with Rishi Sunak

Despite the loss, Australian captain Pat Cummins remained optimistic about the momentum of the series. When questioned about the shift in momentum favoring England, Cummins confidently replied, “Not really, no.” He emphasized the importance of starting afresh in each test and dismissed any concerns about his team’s confidence being shaken by the defeat at Headingley.

The light-hearted exchange between the Prime Ministers added an entertaining twist to their meeting, showcasing the camaraderie between the two nations. It also highlighted the enduring passion and competitiveness surrounding the Ashes series.

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As the Ashes continue, cricket fans eagerly await the next chapter in this historic rivalry. The banter and friendly jabs exchanged between leaders only add to the excitement and spirit of the game.

By Ritik Sharma

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