Virat Kohli is one of the most famous Indian celebrities right now. He has managed to gain a huge fan following owing to his game as well as his good looks. Thus, he is pretty popular on Instagram and has a lot of followers. As a matter of fact, he is one of the most followed Indian on Instagram. Kohli conducted a question and answer session yesterday on his handle as he was in his quarantine and was bored. He answered a few questions and revealed a lot of secrets of his life. Today we shall be talking about 5 secrets of Virat Kohli based on his question and answer session on Instagram yesterday.

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1) What Does Kohli Do In His Spare Time:

Kohli on Instagram


A fan asked Virat Kohli about his hobbies and what does he do in his spare time. The question read “What do you do in your spare time?” Kohli replied to this question by saying ” “Relax and watch some great TV series with Anushka.” Thus, Kohli revealed that he loves watching shows on TV during his spare time.

2) Secret Behind his Daughter’s Name:

Kohli and Anushka


Kohli had to leave the Border-Gavasker Trophy 2020/21 series midway as his wife Anushka Sharma was pregnant. After their daughter was born, they announced it on social media and also said that they have decided to name their daughter Vamika. Related to that, a fan asked Kohli about the secret behind his daughter’s name. The question read “What does Vamika mean? How is she doing? Could we possibly get a peek of her?”. Kohli replied to this question by saying “Vamika is another name for goddess Durga.” He further added that as a couple, they’ve agreed not to expose their child to social media until she understands what it is and can make her own decisions

3) Kohli’s Quarantine Routine:

Kohli during IPL 2020


The quarantine period is definitely boring. Those who have been in a quarantine know how hard it is. Thus, When asked about his quarantine routine, Kohli replied: “Train once a day. Spend time with family. Pretty normal.” India are currently serving a mandatory quarantine after which they would head to Southampton for the World Test Championship (WTC) final.

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4) Kohli’s Diet:

Fitness icon Virat Kohli


Kohli is considered as one of the most fittest cricketers of the current generation. His fitness standards are really high. During this question and answer session, he revealed his diet saying it mainly comprises “lots of vegetables, some eggs, 2 cups of coffee, dal, quinoa, lots of spinach, love dosa too”. He further added that he makes sure that whatever he consumes is in “controlled quantities”

5) How Does Kohli React To Trolls And Memes?:


Q and A session by Virat

No matter how good Kohli is, he has featured in lot of memes and is a pretty popular in several meme pages across various social media platforms. Adding to this, due to his supreme status and superb game, many people do hate him. He was asked about how does he react to trolls and memes. Kohli instead of using any words shared an image of himself. The image shows Kohli pointing towards his bat after scoring a Test century in Australia and by sharing it he perhaps suggested that instead of caring for the trolls and memes he lets his bat do all the talking.

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