Will IPL-2020 be postponed or cancelled due to Corona Virus?

With just 20 days left for the mega-event i.e. IPL-2020, there looms a cloud of Corona Virus over the extravaganza event. As the IPL is nearing by so is the effect of COVID-19 and with the virus reaching India there have been some speculations about the postponed or the cancellation of the event. However, BCCI President Sourav Ganguly on Friday made it clear that there is no such plan as for now and the board going ahead with the preparations. However, the exponential growth of cases raise a huge concerns not only for the IPL but also over the Olympic Games that are set to be hosted in Tokyo.

If IPL-2020 goes ahead then Sanitization will be an added task for the Board

As of now there have been few cases in Bangalore and Delhi and with both the cities hosting the matches, either matches will be moved out of these cities or might be a proper sanitization procedure needs to be followed, that might include the masks and Sanitizer for all the audience. Apart from this the players security will also be requiring a check such as now handshakes among the players and from the fans in various social gatherings. However, with Summer started to arrive soon the effect of virus is expected to fall down.