Emiliano Martinez has been the best goalkeeper in the FIFA World Cup and is one of the main reasons why Messi-led Argentina got their 3rd start on the crest after 36 long years of wait. Emi Martinez is such the kind of player that when he plays for your team, you are gonna love him and when he plays against your team, you are gonna hate him like anything.

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Why the world hates Emiliano Martinez so much?

1. Latin America vs Martinez

It all started back in 2021 Copa America When Argentina was playing the semi-finals against Colombia the game was tied by the end of 90 minutes and the ticket to the final was decided on penalties and from that very moment Emiliano Martinez made his name to be remembered not only by all the Argentina fans but also by the rest of the world to hate him.

Emiliano Martinez into a madman during penalties and his mind games like I am sorry but I am gonna eat you brother, I know where you are going to shoot. That night Martinez saved 3 penalties out of 5 and Argentina went into the finals and win that much by 1-0 as well. After stopping the 2nd penalty, Martinez’s celebration made many Colombian fans hate him and other Latin American nations and you wanna know How much Emi was affected by the hate?

Titular absoluto da Argentina e destaque da Copa América, Emiliano Martínez é alvo da gigante europeu para janeiro | Argentina | Emiliano Martínez | Copa América


2. The World vs Martinez

Emi Martinez launches astonishing Louis Van Gaal and referee rant after Argentina vs Netherlands - Birmingham Live

The most heated game of the FIFA World Cup 2022, was Argentina vs Netherlands in the Quarter Finals.  After Argentina took the lead f 2-0 and were looking comfortable till the 80th minute as the Netherlands made an injury-time comeback to make it 2-2 and take the match into the extra time and then into penalties and again Emi was the hero for his nation and villain for the opposition as he went of saving 2 penalties and secured Argentina place in the semi-finals. Netherlands coach Van Gaal before the game said if the game goes into penalties we have an advantage and after winning the match Emiliano Martinez said to Van Gaal- “I f*cked you twice” also after the interview he said, Van Gaal needs to shut up.

3. Clinching the glory

In the best final in the history of the world cup and the best match ever in the whole of football history, Argentina vs France, Emi had his moment with his mind games. He played the mind games with his words until the referee showed the yellow card and before Tchuameni went on to take the penalty, Martinez’s mind game made sure that the young real Madrid CDM miss the penalty, and to all his haters again,Dibu did this to shut them up.

Emi Martinez explains lewd Golden Glove trophy celebration after scooping top goalkeeping prize for Argentina at 2022 World Cup | India

He has been hated the most just because of his celebrations, mind games, and wordings against he opposition but also he consoled Mbappe after winning the finals but back in Argentina celebrated by mocking him with Mbappe’s mask which a fan threw on them possibly.

What the heaven happened to Emiliano Martinez?

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