There could be several reasons why some people might find the IPL less exciting than before:

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1. Oversaturation: With matches happening frequently over several weeks, the novelty can wear off, and fans might start to feel fatigue from the constant stream of games.

2. Predictability: Some argue that the IPL has become somewhat predictable, with certain teams dominating consistently. This can reduce the element of surprise and excitement.

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3. Commercialization: The IPL has become increasingly commercialized over the years, with a heavy focus on sponsorships, advertisements, and brand promotions. This can sometimes overshadow the actual cricket action and dampen the excitement for purist fans.

4. Lack of Close Contests: While competitive matches are essential for maintaining excitement, one-sided games or matches lacking thrilling moments can lead to boredom among viewers.

5. Influence of Social Media: While social media can enhance the overall experience by providing instant updates and fan engagement, an excessive focus on social media hype can sometimes overshadow the cricket itself, leading to disillusionment among certain fans.

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6. Player Fatigue: The non-stop cricketing calendar, including international matches, domestic leagues, and franchise tournaments like the IPL, can lead to player fatigue. This might affect the quality of cricket and subsequently reduce excitement among fans.

7. Loss of Authenticity: Some fans argue that the IPL has lost some of its authenticity over the years, with a greater emphasis on entertainment rather than the pure skills of cricket. This shift might alienate certain traditional cricket fans.

8. Performance Variability: While some matches might be highly exciting and nail-biting, others could be less so due to variations in team performances. This unpredictability can sometimes lead to disappointment among fans.

Overall, while the IPL continues to be a highly popular and lucrative cricket tournament, addressing these concerns could help maintain or reignite excitement among fans.

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By Abhishek Pandey

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