The term ‘Best Players Of Spin‘ wasn’t event thought in the early days of Cricket, however with the advancement of the game, playing spin isn’t as easy as what people perceive it to be. Playing spin requires severe perseverance as well as temperament. Even the best of best struggle against spin. There have been several instances where batters come to the subcontinent with a lot of high expectations but fail to come good. Only the best players of spin thrive in such conditions.

Every team highly depends on their best players of spin. However, which are the best players of spin going around currently? Are the best players of spin in international cricket as good as their reputation?

Today we shall be taking a look at the players who are the Best Players Of Spin Bowling in the current set of International cricketers

1) Steve Smith:

Best Players Of Spin
Steve Smith has some natural instinctive technique to play the spinning ball


Steve Smith is undoubtedly the best player of spin bowling right now. Seldom would you see him getting dismissed by spin bowlers. It gets better when you realize that he is an Australian and Australians generally don’t have a great reputation of playing against spin. He has been a one man army for Australia when it comes to batting in spin friendly wickets. The Aussie batting maestro has a superb record in the subcontinent too. He has scored runs in almost all the parts in the world and predominantly against the subcontinent teams.

2) Joe Root:

Best Players Of Spin
Hardly a Batsman from England are best at playing spin, well Joe Root makes it to this ‘rare category’ with some exceptional shots in his book


Joe Root has been one of the best players of spin for quite a while now. His technique and foot movement simply stands out from the rest. As a matter of fact, he recently set the stage on fire against the Asian nations in their own den. He was scoring runs for fun against them. In 16 Tests in Asia, the English skipper in the longest format of the game has scored 1624 runs with the bat at an average of 54.13. This is also better than his career average.

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3) Cheteshwar Pujara:

Best Players Of Spin
Cheteshwar Puajara’s footwork against spin bowling makes him difficult to snap


Pujara might be a Test specialist, but he has been superb against spin in Tests. There is a reason why he is rated as one of the best players of spin. The top order batsman has a superb technique and knows how to maneuver the ball despite the uneven trajectory. He has dominated the best of the best spinners in the world.

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4) Kane Williamson:

Best Players Of Spin
Kane Williamson has set some high standards of playing spin bowling in the Modern-Day Cricket


Kane Williamson has been rated as one of the best players of spin by several cricket pundits. He has a good record against all the Asian nations. He even won a series against Pakistan in the UAE. His technique is what makes his game agaisnt spin so good. Besides, his ability to nudge the ball has to be his USP.

5) Azhar Ali:

Best Players Of Spin
Azhar Ali is highly underrated, but we make sure to add him in the list of Best Players Of Spin Bowling


Azhar Ali is one of the most underrated players. He also happens to be one of the best players of spin. The reason being his superb temperament. He has managed to score runs in all the subcontinent regions. The fact that he is an Asian batsman helps his cause too. He has a superb record in UAE, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Even during overseas tours, he always been one of the better players of spin.

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Edited By : Devansh Awasthi

By Arvind Krishnan

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