In a remarkable showcase of skill and determination, Indian javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra, the Olympic gold medalist, has not only secured his spot in the finals of the ongoing World Athletic Championship in Budapest, Hungary but has done so with an astonishing throw of 88.77 meters.

This incredible distance not only places him at the top of the leaderboard for this event but also marks the best throw of the entire season. Neeraj’s exceptional performance brings back memories of his dominant reign at the Tokyo Olympics two years ago, solidifying his status as a force to be reckoned with in the world of athletics.

Neeraj’s feat was achieved in his very first attempt, setting a high bar that none of the other participants in Group A managed to cross. With a resounding gap, fellow Indian DP Manu secured third place in the group by achieving a throw of 81.31 meters in his second attempt.

Germany’s Julian Weber clinched the second spot with his best throw measuring 82.39 meters. While Manu’s position in the finals is not yet confirmed, it hinges on the outcomes from Group B, where Kishore Jena is competing.

The championship unfolds with a total of 37 javelin throwers, divided into two groups – A and B. Each participant is vying for a coveted spot among the 12 finalists, set to compete in the upcoming event scheduled for Sunday. The qualifying benchmark has been set at an impressive 83.00 meters, a testament to the caliber of athletes at this grand stage of competition.

VIDEO: Neeraj’s 88.77 m throw

Neeraj Chopra’s standout performance not only propels him into the finals of the World Athletic Championship but also secures his berth for the 2024 Paris Summer Games, further underlining his remarkable prowess and dedication to the sport.

As the anticipation builds for the finals, sports enthusiasts and fans alike eagerly await the culmination of this thrilling competition, expecting nothing short of extraordinary displays of talent and grit from these exceptional athletes.


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