Virat Kohli and Sourav Ganguly, two legendary cricketers and two former captains of Indian cricket. But the long-standing dispute between these two giants has never been hidden from the world.

But in the 50th match of IPL 2023, when the Royal Challengers Bangalore team was in front of the Delhi Capitals, the scene was different. RCB lost the match but Dada and Virat won the hearts of millions of fans in the end.

After the defeat of RCB, the meeting between Virat and Ganguly was not expected by anyone. Let us tell you that after the match was over, when the players were shaking hands with each other, Virat came in front of Sourav Ganguly. Only then these two players shook hands with each other and in the meantime also put hands on each other’s shoulders. After which the fans have looked very happy in large numbers.

This is how Virat – Ganguly met in IPL 50th match – WATCH

However, when these two giants came in front of each other last time, they did not shake hands. The video of this tussle is becoming fiercely viral on social media. After this, once again the talk of captaincy dispute between Ganguly and Virat again came into the limelight. However, now it seems that things have changed a bit.

Even unfollowed each other on Instagram –

Virat Kohli unfollowed Sourav Ganguly from Instagram after the handshake incident. According to the information, earlier Virat used to follow Sourav Ganguly on Instagram. But later this player has removed Dada from his follow list. Later Ganguly himself did the same and removed Virat from his follow list.

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