In a surprising visit in US, the cricketing legend and former captain of the Indian national cricket team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, was recently spotted enjoying a leisurely game of golf with none other than former United States President Donald Trump. This unexpected encounter took place following Dhoni’s appearance at the 2023 US Open.

While Dhoni was seen in the audience during the thrilling quarterfinal match between Carlos Alcaraz and Alexander Zverev, he managed to carve out some time from his busy schedule to join Trump on the golf course.

The moment was captured in a video shared by a social media user, showcasing the 2011 World Cup-winning captain trying his hand at golf alongside Trump.

It’s worth noting that Dhoni received a special invitation from Trump himself for this golf outing, making the rendezvous all the more intriguing. This meeting between a cricketing icon and a former US President highlights the diverse and unexpected connections that the world of sports can bring about.

This year, Dhoni achieved yet another milestone in his illustrious career as he guided the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) to a record-equalling fifth Indian Premier League (IPL) title. The final match, where CSK emerged victorious against the Gujarat Titans, was a testament to Dhoni’s leadership and cricketing prowess.

Dhoni plays Golf with Trump: WATCH

After the win, Dhoni confirmed his plan to return for one more season in the IPL next year, much to the delight of cricket fans worldwide.

As the world eagerly awaits Dhoni’s continued contributions to the sport, his golfing escapade with Donald Trump serves as a reminder that the reach of sports transcends boundaries and brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds, even those as unexpected as a cricket captain and a former US President.

Dhoni’s multifaceted interests and his ability to connect with personalities from different spheres continue to make him a global sports icon.

By Ritik Sharma

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