In the run-up to the highly anticipated ODI World Cup in India on October 5, Bangladesh and New Zealand are locked in a preparatory ODI series. However, the series got off to an unconventional start as the first ODI concluded with no result. Consequently, the stakes were even higher as both teams took the field for the second ODI, eager to secure a vital lead.

The ongoing second game witnessed a series of bizarre events during the second innings that left spectators bewildered. The turning point occurred during the 47th over of the BlackCaps’ innings when Mahedi Hasan, the spinner from the Bangla Tigers, was entrusted with the ball.

It was at this juncture that the Bangladesh umpire, Sharfuddoula, fell victim to a momentary lapse of concentration, failing to keep track of the number of deliveries bowled in the over. Instead of the customary six-ball quota, Hasan ended up delivering seven balls in that over while New Zealand was at the crease. This unexpected turn of events meant that Mahedi Hasan had to bowl an extra ball in the ninth over of his spell.

However, the additional delivery did not significantly impact the fortunes of either the hosts or the visitors. Interestingly, New Zealand’s captain, Lockie Ferguson, was at the batting crease when this anomaly occurred.

In an attempt to capitalize on the extra ball, Ferguson swung his bat wildly, aiming to go big against the off-spinner. Despite the audacious effort, he failed to connect, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

As the Bangladesh vs. New Zealand ODI series unfolds, it’s evident that even the most seasoned professionals, like umpires and players, can encounter moments of unexpected drama. These captivating moments only serve to add to the excitement and anticipation building up to the forthcoming ODI World Cup in India, where cricketing nations will vie for glory on the grandest stage of them all.


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By Ritik Sharma

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