In this article, we’ll look at top 5 most batting friendly pitches in the world.

Green Park

With 54.55% of games here ending in a draw, and an average runs per wicket of 35.73 in Tests and 36.37 in ODIs, Green Park is a fine place for batters.

However, in ODIs, Rohit Sharma holds the two highest scores at the venue with his 150 against South Africa and his 147 against New Zealand. Generally when a batsman scores so much, it leads to an easy win. But because of Green Park’s batter-friendly pitch, both games were tight and India even lost against South Africa.

Gaddafi Stadium

The ground that hosted the 1996 World Cup has seen many great batting performances, not least Aravinda de Silva’s match-winning century in that final.

In Test matches here, a wicket on average cost bowling sides 34.99 runs, resulting in 55 percent of the matches played her to be drawn. It has seen nine double-hundreds and one triple hundred.The ODI stats at the Gaddafi Stadium pitch are remarkable too, especially since it has hosted ODIs from the time when batsmen scored far slower in the format. The average runs per wicket in ODIs at the Gaddafi Stadium pitch is 33.54, while the average economy rate is 5.24.

McLean Park

New Zealand is generally one of the better countries to ball in as it favours swing-bowlers. The green pitches and often overcast conditions reward those who bowl full with the seam up.McLean Park’s average per wicket in Tests is an incredible 38, the second-highest of any ground with at least 10 matches hosted. This has resulted in seven of the 10 Tests ending in draws.

Vidarbha Cricket Association Ground

The Vidarbha Cricket Association Ground is likely the best ground for batters in India. The venue has only ever hosted 14 ODIs and nine Tests, but the statistics from these games are remarkable.In Tests, the average runs per wicket is 37.28 and in ODIs it is 36.57, higher than any ground that has hosted as many matches. But even more impressive, the average runs per over at the ground in ODIs is  5.71.

Antigua Recreation Ground

With a astonishing average runs per wicket of 38.17 across 22 Tests, the Antigua Recreation Ground may be the best place in the world to be a batter. It is often called the “feather bed” due to the flatness of the pitch.The West Indies is currently one of the best-placed in the world for bowlers to tour, but if the Antigua Recreation Ground was still used in international cricket, batsmen would be far less apprehensive about touring the Caribbean.


By Shivanshu Chauhan

A Professional Cricketer for past 4 Years for the teams of Lucknow and CISCE. He keeps an eye on all the Cricket insights which sometimes professional journos lack. He Keeps the wicket on the 22 Yards and takes care of the board meetings over here. No Official Statements go off from the website because of him. He keeps you updated by breaking News both in English and Hindi.