England’s skipper Ben Stokes showcased his leadership on Day 3 of the second Test against India with a remarkable catch that dismissed Shreyas Iyer. The catch, executed with finesse, turned the tide in England’s favor after India had steadied their innings following an early wobble.

With both Indian openers dismissed early, Iyer’s presence at the crease was crucial for stabilizing the innings. However, his attempt to take on Tom Hartley in the 28th over proved costly as he mistimed his shot, offering a catch to Ben Stokes at mid-off.

Stokes’ catch was not just routine; it was a testament to his skill and determination. Initially losing sight of the ball, he had to swiftly adjust his position and turn towards the long-off boundary. Despite undergoing major knee surgery, Stokes’ athleticism shone through as he reached the perfect position just in time to complete the catch.

WATCH: Stokes amazing running catch dismissed Iyer

For Iyer, the dismissal was a missed opportunity to make a significant contribution, especially considering the scrutiny he was under after a lackluster performance in the first innings. With just 27 runs to his name in the previous innings, Iyer was eager to make amends. However, his innings of 29 runs off 52 deliveries, which included a couple of boundaries, fell short of expectations.

Stokes’ catch not only provided England with a crucial breakthrough but also highlighted his resilience and commitment to the team’s cause. As the match progressed, his leadership on the field would continue to be instrumental in England’s efforts to gain the upper hand against a formidable Indian side.

In a game where every moment counts, Stokes’ exceptional catch stands out as a defining moment that could potentially shape the outcome of the match. As both teams battle it out, such moments of brilliance serve as reminders of the skill and athleticism that define the sport of cricket.

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