The International Cricket Council (ICC) has set the stage for an electrifying start to the Men’s T20I World Cup 2024 with the announcement of its official anthem, just 50 days ahead of the tournament’s kickoff on June 1.

Produced by the renowned Michael “Tano” Montano, the track promises to infuse the spirit of cricket with the vibrant energy of Caribbean music, reflecting the tournament’s dual host countries, the West Indies and the USA.

Leading the charge in this musical extravaganza are two globally acclaimed artists, Sean Paul and Kes. Sean Paul, a stalwart in the music industry for over two decades, expressed his honor in recording the official anthem, emphasizing the deep-rooted connection between cricket and Caribbean culture.

He aims to create a unifying anthem that seamlessly blends Caribbean rhythms with an international flair, promising a song that will resonate with cricket fans worldwide.

Joining Sean Paul is Kes Dieffenthaller, popularly known as Kes, the lead singer of Kes the Band from Trinidad and Tobago. Kes envisions the anthem as a celebration of unity, bringing together the worlds of cricket and music in a powerful fusion. With a mission to bridge cultures, Kes aims to deliver a worldwide anthem that ignites the spirit of camaraderie and celebration in stadiums across the West Indies and the USA.

Claire Furlong, ICC’s General Manager of Marketing and Communications, expressed her excitement for the collaboration between Sean Paul and Kes, emphasizing their ability to capture the essence of Caribbean identity while resonating with global cricket enthusiasts. The anthem, themed around the event’s marketing campaign “Out of this World,” is poised to set the tone for the grand spectacle of the T20 World Cup.

As anticipation builds for the tournament, the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Trophy Tour 2024 continues its journey, with upcoming stops in Barbados, the venue for the tournament final on June 29. Party-stand tickets for Caribbean fixtures will be available for purchase starting April 15, offering fans the opportunity to be part of cricket history in the making.

With the stage set and the anthem ready to reverberate across stadiums, cricket aficionados worldwide eagerly await the start of the Men’s T20 World Cup 2024, promising a carnival of cricket and music like never before.

By Ritik Sharma

A common man who is doing calm se kaam, a failed cricketer, still in love with it. Establishing my journey into Journalism & if you love my articles then share it with your dear ones Instagram - @ritiksharma45